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McDonalds, Menu Selections
Under 400 Calories

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

McDonalds, Menu Selections for Dieters

If you're on a diet and monitoring the types and amounts of foods that you are consuming in order to lose excess weight, you may have omitted fast food and restaurant dining from your eating plan during this time.

However, there are selections on most fast food and restaurant menus which can fit into a healthy weight loss plan.

McDonalds has several menu items that are 400 or less calories.

Sure, the lipid content is concerning as well as sodium - but that applies to almost-all recipes used in the World of Fast Food, which Diet Bites often refers to as the World of Fat Food.

Selections Containing 400 or Less Calories

Let's see what we can enjoy for 400 or less calories on the McDonalds menu.

1. The hamburger contains only 250 kcals and 9 total fat grams.

The cheeseburger holds only 300 kcals. When we opt to order these two items at McDonalds we carry along a sealed bag of fresh vegetables to add - such as leaf lettuce and slices of sun-ripened tomato.

So tasty! And at less than 10 grams of total fat, it's quite a healthy choice.

The meat is a protein source, the bun - grain, and there are all those healthy vegetables in the mix. When we add cheese, we add a dairy source. And of course, the tomato is a fruit, botanically speaking.

2. Other burgers which are under 400 calories include: BBQ Ranch Burger at 350 kcals, Grilled Onion Cheddar at 310 kcals, and the McDouble at 390 kcals.

3. For chicken selections, the Premium Grilled Classic Chicken Sandwich contains only 350 kcals. The McChicken is 360 kcals, and the Buffalo Ranch McChicken is 350 kcals.

The Premium McWrap Grilled Sweet Chili Chicken contains 360 kcals while the Chipolte BBQ Wrap has 330. All of the Snack Wrap versions are under 400 kcals. Mighty Wings catch your fancy? You can enjoy three pieces for 290 kcals. The Chicken McNuggets contain about fifty calories each, without dipping sauce.

4. It's difficult to beat the tantalizing flavor of McDonald's Fillet-O-Fish Sandwich. And it's quite minimal in caloric values at 390 kcals.

Ask your server to go easy on the tartar sauce and omit the cheese and you'll end up with a fish sandwich which contains about 300 calories.

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