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Arby's Fish Fillet Sandwich
Calories & Nutrition

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Arby's Fish Fillet Sandwich Calories, Fat Sources

This sandwich contains close to 600 calories and is of significant size, weighing 228 grams. This equals a tab over eight ounces [8.0425 oz] which also equals about one-half a pound.

This is quite a lot of food and can be shared with a friend or family member - which will in turn, assist in reducing the negative values of the sandwich.

The energy values are spiked chiefly due to the tartar sauce.

When served in a fast food setting, tartar sauce tends to be very high in fat because it's prepared with Mayo which of course, contains oil and eggs. The eggs also contribute to the cholesterol values.

Because the fish is breaded and fried, more negative values are generated.

Fish Fillet Sandwich Nutritional Data Based on 1 Serving

Calories - 570 kcals
Calories from Fat - 230 kcals
Total Fat - 25 grams
Saturated Fat - 4 grams
Trans Fat Content - 0 grams
Cholesterol - 45 milligrams
Sodium - 1010 milligrams
Dietary Fiber - 2 grams
Sugar - 9 grams
Protein - 21 grams

Vitamins & Minerals Based on 2000 Calorie Daily Value

Vitamin A - 2%
Vitamin C - 0%
Calcium - 10%
Iron A - 20%

Health Notes

The sandwich is prepared with Pollock which is generally harvested from Alaska or the Atlantic and is one of the healthier species.

Alaskan Pollock in its raw state contains 43 kcals per fillet [77 grams in weight] or 48 kcals per three ounces. A 3-oz serving contains 39 mg's of cholesterol, 10.36 protein g and 0.35 g of total fat. It is a salty fish holding 283 mg's of sodium per 3 oz.

The Atlantic species of Pollock in it's raw state is higher in caloric values than the Alaskan at 178 kcals per 1/2 fillet [193 grams] and 78 kcals per 3 oz. A three ounce serving contains 0.83 total fat g, 16.52 protein g, 60 cholesterol mg's and 73 mg's of sodium. While it's higher in energy values, it's much lower in sodium content.

Arby's Fish Fillet Sandwich also contains Wheat, Soy, Milk and Egg.

In Summary, Dieting Tips for This Menu Selection

The caloric values can be reduced significantly when ordered with less tartar sauce. Or, order with no added sauce and bring along your own reduced fat variety.

If you're watching your salt intake you should consider another choice from the menu. Keep in mind that 1500 milligrams per day is a healthy level to aim for and we-Americans on average consume two times this amount, daily.

The positive nutritional elements for this selection include significant iron and calcium benefits, zero Trans fat, and minimal saturated fat values.


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