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Taco Bell 1/2 Pound Beef & Potato Burrito
Calories & Nutrition

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Beef & Potato Nutrition Notes

Want to add some satiety power to your weight loss plan? Then you're on track when you opt for lean beef and potatoes.

Speaking of potatoes, they are the backbone of the poor man's diet.

A good cook can turn this vegetable into a thousand different dishes without much effort. Even the methods used to deconstruct this vegetable will impact the direction that the recipe takes.

For small cubes, a hash made be created with unique spice blends. If it's sliced, then scalloped potatoes may find their way onto the meal plate.

Poor Man's Potato Sandwich Recipe

This triggers a lot of childhood memories for me. My family was so poor that I remember crying more than once because I was hungry and there was nothing to eat in the house. But when we had a few potatoes, I remember my dad washing the biggest specimen of the batch then drying it thoroughly. As he did such, he was heating an iron skillet of shortening.

Then he sliced the potato very thin and fried it very gently on both sides. After he removed it from the pan it was still a bit firm - much like al-dente pasta.

Then he would spread Mayo onto two slices of white bread, add a lot of salt  and pepper to the potatoes and create a potato sandwich.

Not the healthiest sandwich on the planet, but poor people have poor ways. And I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

What we like and don't like about Taco Bell's Beef & Potato Burrito

On that note let's take a look at the nutritional values found in the Bell's Beef & Potato Burrito.

If it's the only thing on the meal plate, then the caloric values should work well for most weight loss plans.

There are also dietary fiber grams contained in this menu selection - and that's another plus. Sodium values are a bit steep at 1660 mgs.

We have also posted the nutritional notes for the Cheesy version without the beef for your comparison needs.

Nutrition Facts: 1/2 Pound Beef & Potato Burrito, Taco Bell

Nutrition Facts: Taco Bell 1/2 Pound Cheesy Potato Burrito

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