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Taco Bell 1/2 Pound Combo Beef Burrito
Calories & Nutrition

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

About 500 Kcals for a One-Handed Meal

That's a pretty sweet deal where caloric values are concerned. However, when one is seeking to lose weight there should be more involved in the total fitness plan than solely calorie content.

On that note, let's breakdown the other nutritional values associated with this fast food menu selection.

Let's first address the things that we like about the Combo Beef Burrito:

It's a substantial meal weighing in at about 240 grams. While it is a half-pound entree that doesn't mean that the diner will gain such via consumption.

In order to gain one pound, an adult individual of any current size would have to consume almost eight burritos over their required energy needs for the day.

It contains an impressive amount of protein grams - over 20 of them!


Taco Bell 1/2 Pound Combo Beef Burrito



Fat Grams (Total)


Saturated Fat Grams


Trans Fat Grams


Cholesterol Mgs


Sodium Mgs


Carbohydrate Grams


Fiber Grams


Sugar Grams


Protein Grams


Vitamin A

15% DV

Vitamin C

8% DV


 20% DV


 20% DV

The caloric values are reasonable and because this selection is packed with beef, the dieter is likely to feel full for an extended time after their meal; so the burrito is excellent where satiety powers are involved.

It contains an exceptional about of dietary fiber at 9 grams.

If you are experiencing issues while dieting (or not) with constipation, adding foods to your eating plan that are rich in dietary fiber and combining your plan with adequate fluids (water is best), this combination of fiber and water can assist in regulating the body.

Let's review the nutritional data for the 1/2 pound Combo Beef Burrito and then we'll touch on the unhealthy areas of concern regarding this menu selection.

What we don't like about the 1/2 Pound Combo Beef Burrito

It contains a lot of sodium (salt) as well as cholesterol milligrams which aren't the best fuels for the body.

When beef or any red meat is used in a recipe and it is of the leanest possible cut, then it is a healthy choice for most eating plans.

However, the leaner cuts tend to be quite a bit more expensive and aren't often the first choice for fast food restaurant recipes.

When the fattier cuts or grinds are used, this bumps up the dietary fat and cholesterol content.

The burrito is quite hefty in size and while it's nice to enjoy a substantial entree, there is the issue of the tummy stretching.

And while dieting, keeping the tummy satisfied can become more of a challenge when it is stretched.

Rather than this selection from the Taco Bell menu, we suggest the chicken taco or burrito along with a side of Mexican rice or beans; also request a nice salad to go with your meal.

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