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Taco Bell Spicy Chicken Burrito
Calories & Nutrition

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

About 400 Calories of Yummy

If you're searching for something yummy for your tummy while dieting, as well as something spicy but not too pricey in the area of caloric content, then your search may be over.

For around 420 kcals one can grab onto a hearty hand-held meal. Add a low calorie beverage and a side of salad and we have satisfied a good portion of our daily recommended servings from the five basic food groups housed within the trusty food pyramid.

No matter which culture that you're from, each ethnic group has a healthy pattern which can be used for determining the healthiest foods for the body - and provide an excellent example of those which are best suited for each ethnic culture.

In the area of American Food Pyramid, a suggested grain selection is more likely to be bread than a tortilla.


Taco Bell Spicy Chicken Burrito



Fat Grams (Total)


Saturated Fat Grams


Trans Fat Grams


Cholesterol Mgs


Sodium Mgs


Carbohydrate Grams


Fiber Grams


Sugar Grams


Protein Grams


Vitamin A

6% DV

Vitamin C

6% DV


 15% DV


 15% DV

In the Mexican Food Guide, the tortilla is a top recommendation over bread. Both are good choices, but the corn tortilla makes a stellar choice over plain bread as it is a whole grain source.

Take note that the Spicy Chicken Burrito at Taco Bell is prepared with a flour tortilla shell - still an excellent grain choice. On that note, let's view the nutritional data for this entree:

What we like and don't like about the Spicy Chicken Burrito

There is a lot to like about this menu selection - from the low caloric values, protein gram content, dietary fiber benefits as well as nice nutrition notes in the area of iron, calcium, and Vitamins A and C.

However, there are also some hot spots in this entree - specifically the types of fat.

Both Trans and saturated content are concerns where good long-term health in concerned. While the saturated fat is quite acceptable at 4 grams, a red flag goes up where Trans fat is involved.

In addition, individuals who avoid the salt shaker have shown in scientifically controlled health studies to live longer and to have a higher level of health. Therefore, the 1220 milligrams of salt contained in this burrito is a bit more than we'd like to see.

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