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Taco Bell Enchirito, Beef
Calories & Nutrition

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

If you are in the mood for beef, this menu selection can satisfy your craving as well as your appetite for about 360 kcals.

The total dietary fat gram content is a bit above what we'd like to see but moderate at 17 grams with saturated at 8. There is also a 0.5 gram of Trans fat which is a no-no, thus making the chicken or steak Enchirito a wiser nutritional choice in the area of lipid distribution.

This entree reminds us of an enchilada and when prepared in your humble kitchen, the caloric values as well as fatty acids, sodium, and cholesterol can be significantly reduced.


Taco Bell Enchirito - Beef



Fat Grams (Total)


Saturated Fat Grams


Trans Fat Grams


Cholesterol Mgs


Sodium Mgs


Carbohydrate Grams


Fiber Grams


Sugar Grams


Protein Grams


Vitamin A

20% DV

Vitamin C

15% DV


 10% DV


 10% DV

Homemade Recipe for Beef Enchilada

Like almost-all of the diet based recipes that we have created over the years, this one is very simple to prepare with the most minimal of ingredients.

We prefer the corn tortilla shells over the flour; you can opt for either based on your personal preference. If you use the corn variety, simply warm them in your microwave or steam them on the stove top.

The Recipe Ingredients for Diet Beef Enchiladas

1 small container of Wendy's Chili - or you can opt for your favorite reduced fat canned or frozen chili.
1/2 cup of any variety of chopped onions that have been clarified using cooking spray.
1/2 cup of fresh cilantro; cook this with the onion.
1 cup of reduced fat Mexican style cheese, shredded finely
6 Corn Tortilla Shells - 50 kcals each

Lay the steamed tortilla shells in a baking dish, setting them to one side as you work to assemble the enchiladas. The chili should be heated before you start building.

Evenly distribute the chili onto each shell; add a spoon of the shredded cheese and roll and arrange in the baking pan. Top with the sauteed cilantro and onion - then with the remaining cheese.

Bake in a preheated oven at 400 degrees until the cheese is melted and bubbly. Each enchilada contains about 200 kcals.