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Taco Bell Tostada
Calories & Nutrition

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Yum - and oh wow; this is a terrific menu choice that should fit quite well into your weight loss plan and there is even some moving room left so that you can add a side of Mexican rice or beans and cheese.

If you enjoy the Tostada, you can make your own reduced calorie version at home without losing texture and flavor.

And when doing such there is a big plus; you can add a lot of fresh vegetables to the top.

Homemade Diet Tostada Recipe

The Ingredient List
Flat Corn Tortilla Shells - 50 kcals each
Seasoned Whipped Beans, Reduced Fat Variety
Salad Mix of the following chopped vegetables: lettuce (shred if you wish), tomatoes, onion, cilantro.
Salsa, Hot Sauce or your favorite Mexican sauce.
Shredded Reduced Fat Cheese
Reduced Fat Sour Cream

Heat the shells either in your oven wrapped in tin foil or in the microwave just before serving.

Begin by heating the seasoned beans; we chose to omit the ground beef but if you purchase the extra lean variety you can certainly add such for a few more calories.

Spread the beans onto the heated shell; top with the remaining ingredients.


Taco Bell Tostada



Fat Grams (Total)


Saturated Fat Grams


Trans Fat Grams


Cholesterol Mgs


Sodium Mgs


Carbohydrate Grams


Fiber Grams


Sugar Grams


Protein Grams


Vitamin A

10% DV

Vitamin C

10% DV


 6% DV


 8% DV