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Cheese Calories & Nutrition
Limburger Cheese, Swiss
Monterey Jack, Provolone

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Stinky Calories

I've never had the desire to taste Limburger cheese but perhaps that is due to my acute sense of smell.

However, I did have an uncle who adored the stuff. He would cut a small tidbit off, then I remember him holding it in front of his nose, rolling it up (his nose, not the cheese) then eating it.

I don't know if he did the routine 'for show' or if he really enjoyed the stuff, but it was cheap entertainment.

If you are a cheese lover and find that it was one food that was highly responsible for your weight gain situation, it may be quite difficult in trying to 'cut the cheese' from your healthy weight loss plan.

Take heart however because there are some wonderful options these days at the market place. Before we address these avenues, let's point out that one ounce of cheese typically contains about 100 kcals. Of course, depending upon the brand and type chosen - the energy values will indeed differ.

And if your choice happens to be of the low or reduced fat variety - the calories as well as the fatty acid content can be cut by one-half or more.

Sodium, Key Component

One element that impacts the flavor of cheese is sodium - and most all varieties, whether reduced in fat or not tends to hold too much. In numerous health studies, too much salt in the daily diet has been proven time and time again to negatively impact health, particularly heart health as well as blood pressure readings.

We recommend doing some sleuthing where nutrition labels are concerned; in addition - the slices may prove to be a better choice because they can be better controlled than those large blocks or bags of the shredded variety.

On that note, our following data charts detail the caloric values found in several varieties of cheese.

Calories, Nutrition in Cheese

Energy, Vitamins, Minerals

Recommended Serving

Calorie Content

Limburger Cheese

1 ounce


Monterey Jack Cheese

1 ounce


Mozzarella-Part Skim Cheese

1 ounce


Mozzarella-Whole Milk Cheese

1 ounce


Muenster Cheese

1 ounce


Neufchatel Cheese

1 ounce


Parmesan-Grated Cheese

1 Tablespoon


Provolone Cheese

1 ounce


Ricotta-Part Skim Cheese

1/2 cup


Ricotta-Whole Milk Cheese

1/2 cup


Romano-Grated Cheese

Romano Cheese


Roquefort Cheese

1 ounce


Swiss Cheese

1 ounce


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