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Calories in Beef
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Nutrition Facts for Beef Cuts

You're on a weight loss plan and you're contemplating the best food choices for your plan - foods that are light in dietary fat and caloric content, yet foods that will stick to your ribs throughout the day.

That's one of the biggest keys to successfully losing pounds - keeping the appetite satisfied so that you can focus on other things rather than that nagging feeling of hunger. And frankly, it really does hurt to feel hungry; it's why they are called 'hunger pains'.

Lean beef is an excellent source for protein which assists in building strong muscles in the body as well as staving appetite for longer periods of time.

But keep in mind that unless you're adding a healthy dose of exercise to your weight loss plan, you'll receive more benefits in the area of satiety than in muscle building area. It's much like adding fuel to a car. It just sits there until it's ready to use. In turn, protein is put to its maximum use and purpose when activity is part of the diet plan.

The Lightest Cuts of Beef

We've included the most popular cuts of beef in our data chart along with nutrition facts for commercially produced beef gravy because it's not only the main selection on our meal plate that counts - it's also about the other things that we put onto that food.

Calories, Nutrition in Beef

Beef Cut

Recommended Serving

Calorie Content

Beef Liver

3 ounces, braised


Blade Roast

3 ounces


Bottom Round Roast

3 ounces, lean only



3 ounces, braised


Filet Mignon

3 ounces, lean only


Ground Beef (Extra-Lean)

3 ounces


Porterhouse Steak

3 ounces, lean only


Pot Roast, Arm

3 ounces, lean only


Rib Eye Steak

3 ounces, lean only


Short Ribs

3 ounces, lean only


Sirloin Steak

3 ounces, lean only


T-Bone Steak

3 ounces, lean only


Tip Round Steak

3 ounces, lean only


Top Round Steak

3 ounces, lean only



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