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Arby's Calories, Carb Grams, Fat

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Building a Healthy Meal Plate

Almost all of the Arby subs are a bit to steep in caloric values to add to your meal plate.  

In addition, some of the subs are lacking in the vegetable group - so if you enjoy one, you'll need to remember that at your other meals for the day, ensuring that you are getting adequate nutritional needs in the area of fresh veggies.

The good news is that all of these subs are quite large and can be easily divided with a friend.

While the highest calorie menu item is the Classic Italian Toasted Sub at 842 calories, when divided, it's trimmed down to about 420 with the total fat grams also being split.

The sandwich is rich in sodium and cholesterol and still isn't a great choice for your meal plate, so do not order without great thought. Although rich in protein grams, they are canceled out by the unhealthy impact of high sodium, high cholesterol, high saturated fat in the entree.

Calories, Carbs & Fat Grams in Arby's Subs

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