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Arby's Calories, Carbs, Fat
Chicken Naturals

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Chicken Naturals at Arby's for Your Diet Plan

Might we suggest the following when it comes to calorie-friendly choices as Arby's: Melt, Regular Roast Beef, 1/2 a Sub or Wrap, Martha's Vineyard Salad or Santa Fe Salad™ with Grilled Chicken.

The three piece chicken tenders are also a good choice at less than 400 calories which allows room for one of the lower calorie dipping sauces.

Super Protein Choice for the Meal Plan

Keep in mind however, that you're not getting that all-important serving of vegetables or grain and this is more of a super-protein choice, so be sure to add foods from the grain and vegetable group to either your lunch or dinner meal plate or at snack time along with fruit and dairy choices.

The Southwest Chipotle Chicken Sandwich will incorporate more of the essential food groups for a tab over 500 calories and it's quite filling.

Chicken Bacon, Crispy, Chipolte Crispy Sandwich High in Calories

Do stay clear of the Chicken Bacon and Crispy as well as the Southwest Chipotle Crispy Sandwich because they are getting up there in caloric and dietary fat values.

Calories, Carbs & Fat Grams in Arby's Chicken Naturals

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