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Tips for Dieters, Foods Richest in Fiber Content

If you're looking to input more dietary fiber into your weight loss plan, the following foods make the top choices:

Barley Tops the List With Most Fiber Content Followed Closely by Bulgur

1. Pearled Barley: In its raw form it is at the top of the chart. One cup contains 31.2 grams of fiber.

2. Bulgur, dry form. It's a star at 25.6 grams per cup.

Legume Family Shines Bright With Dietary Fiber

3. Navy beans - now we're talking. They are super filling and for a 1 cup serving, you'll be getting 19.1 dietary fiber grams. That's a pretty rich goldmine for your diet plan.

4. Next on the list is baked beans at 17.9 per one cup serving. And they are served with franks.

5. Split peas that have been boiled contain 16.3 grams per cup. Add some ham and a wedge of cornbread along with a cup of reduced fat milk and you'll have a wonderful, filling meal.

6. One cup of prepared lentils contains 16.3 grams.

7. Pinto beans are next in line at 15.6 grams per cooked cup. Where's that golden cornbread? And the reduced fat margarine?

8. Black beans also fall in our top ten list having 15.4 grams per cooked cup.

Oat Bran for a Healthy Heart, Circulatory System

9. Oat bran; it's rich at 14.5 fiber grams and that's based on its raw state.

Artichoke, Excellent Fiber-Boosting Vegetable

10. And number ten on our list of foods that are richest in dietary fiber content is the healthy artichoke; one cup cooked contains 14.4 grams.

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