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Fat Grams in Hot Dog, Hot Wings
Spaghetti & Other Popular Foods

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What is Your Favorite Food & Do You Know How Much Fat it Contains?

One of my favorite foods is the cheese enchilada - but the issue with enchiladas as well as with many popular food favorites is that no two recipes are created the same in ingredients - as well as nutritional values.

Therefore, before I enjoy my occasional cheese enchilada along with a 1/2 serving of whole grain rice, I always make sure that I know the caloric values before ordering by reviewing the restaurant's nutrition guide.

And when I prepare the enchilada at home, I always calculate the caloric values of the ingredients and divide them by the number of servings the recipe will produce. This is always a great technique to follow for calculating energy that we're inputting into our body.

While ordering a cheeseburger, hamburger or hot dog at a restaurant can prove deadly to your weight loss plan, if you opt for the smaller sizes then you should be okay. Most burgers that are junior or kid size contain about 300 calories; the cheese will add calories - but they are generally about 40 to 50. A large slice isn't needed for the smaller burgers.

As to the hot dog, ordering the regular size is the way to go. These contain about 300 calories each and about 400 when chili is added. Keep in mind that generally, the lower in dietary fat that the food selection contains, the less calories therein.

Fat in Hot Wings

When glazed with BBQ sauce, two wings contain about 240 calories, close to 15 grams of total fat, and 131 milligrams of cholesterol. There isn't much meat on them, so when glazed with sugary sauces they can be quite pricey in energy values for a weight loss plan.

Pizza Hut's baked chicken wings are much less in calories - 2 pieces for about 100 kcals. However, when the dipping sauce enters the Nutritional Picture, things start south. A visit to the 'Ranch' will cost over 200 calories for that tiny little packet. So will a view of the 'Blue Cheese' moon.

Their other glazed wings contain 100 kcals each - with some exceeding this value, like the Honey BBQ. Two contain 270 kcals. Two of the Lemon Pepper Wings contain close to 300 kcals.

Total Fat in Hot Dog, Hot Wings, Hamburger, Spaghetti, Lasagna




Crab Cakes

1 fried


Chicken Chow Mien

1 cup



1/2 cup



1/2 cup


Spaghetti & Meatballs

1 cup


Eggplant Parmigiana

1 cup


Hot Dog, plain

1 hot dog


Bean, Cheese, Beef Burrito

1 small


Hot Wings, BBQ Glazed

2 wings


Hamburger, plain

1 small


Enchilada, Cheese & Beef

1 enchilada


Chop Suey

1 cup


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