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Fat Grams in Coffee, Popular Beverages

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Sugar & Fat Equal Bulk of Calories

As a rule of dietary thumb, unless the beverage or drink is mined with sugar or fat, it's more likely than not going to remain very minimal in caloric content.

High Fat Beverages: Malted Anything, Shakes, Eggnog

As we can readily see below in our fat gram data chart, the beverages that are high in dietary fat are those than contain both of these elements; the fattier drinks contain a dairy food selection - such as milk; we would also add cream but it isn't considered as a member of the dairy food group due to its exceptionally high fat composition.

While dieting or amid the weight maintenance phase, opting for low calorie beverages is key to attaining and maintaining recommended weight. After the chart we'll take a look at Dieter Angie to see how beverages influenced her diet plan.

Angie's Diet Plan, Beverage Challenge

Angie had 2 tiny pounds to lose and she just couldn't seem to get them off. It wasn't that she appeared overweight - but she was based on her doctor's findings.

Those two pounds needed to come off - and she needed to lose an additional five to ten more in order to be in the middle-area of her recommended weight range.

As she looked into the mirror, she could see the beginning of love handles that she knew she wouldn't love - and her face looked quite filled-out, almost but not quite plump, but it was on the verge of being such.

And she didn't want her weighty issues to grow. Losing two pounds was easy. Or so she thought.

Total Fat Grams in Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Eggnog



Club Soda


Sports Drink










Malted Milk






Healthiest Diet is Built Upon the Solid Foundation of the Food Pyramid

Angie embraced a healthy weight loss plan based on the food pyramid along with a healthy dose of moderate exercise; she chose skating at the park because she enjoyed doing this activity.

But two months later, those two pounds were still there along with four more. She couldn't explain the weight gain to her doctor and she felt frustrated.

He sent her to speak with the nutritionist because the weight gain wasn't due to an increase in muscle mass, which can make the body weigh heavily while appearing thinner.

Sodas, Empty Yet Rich Calories

It didn't take the nutritionist but a few minutes to zero-in on the weight gain issue. Amid Angie's activity time, she had added a large 250 calorie full-blown soda for re-hydrating purposes after her skating was complete.

And on some days, such as the weekend, she was skating two times per day and enjoying two times the amount of soda. In a week's time, that was enough to add a pound to her weight.

Angie went on to adjust her plan to include a 50 calorie reduced sugar orange juice which contained no sugar substitutes - and a month later when she visited the nutritionist, she had lost four pounds. Only two more to go...

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