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Panda Express Calories
Lunch Options for Dieters

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Our Journey Took Us to the Amazing Panda Express for Lunch

Today found us out and about as we continued our quest to find some beautiful autumn colors in our area of North Central Texas. This is quite a challenge in itself as Texas isn't known for fall foliage colors - but for the last three years, we have been amazed at what we've seen. Some areas are reminiscent of the colors found in New York and Arkansas that we've seen in our lifetime.

Nonetheless, we found ourselves in the area of that had a Panda Express. We have dined here only once before and it was quite tasty. Let's see what we decided to choose from today, shall we - as well as the calorie values associated with such.

Our Lunch at Panda Express

If you have never visited this quick-food restaurant, they have a long bar containing a myriad of food selections. There are battered and fried foods which are offered with Asian style dips and sauces, there are steamed foods and there are many selections which contain both meats and vegetables with the sauces already applied amid the cooking process.

Rice & Noodles

It's important to make wise choices because the fatty acid and caloric content can vary greatly. For example, about 9 ounces of Fried Rice at Panda Express contains more than 500 kcals while about the same amount contains a little over 350 kcals.

The noodles (Chow Mien) contains about 500 kcals for the same amount. Of course - not many people are going to eat this large of a serving size - but even if a third is consumed, calories count toward sour weight.

We opted for the steamed rice. The container is very large and enough to feed the two us for 2 meals, so we each enjoyed 1/4 of the container for about 80 kcals each.

Vegetable Selection

A side mix of veggies weighing 8.6 ounces contains a skinny 70 kcals. We split the vegetables, thus halving the energy values in the process.

Best & Not So Best Chicken Choices

We love their Orange Chicken but it is quite hefty in energy values at 420 kcals for about six ounces. We ordered this and again - split the order and still had some pieces left for another meal. Other chicken choices come with the following number of calories per serving - generally about 6 ounces:

Black Pepper: 200
Kung Pao: 240
Mandarin: 310
Potato Version: 190
Sweet Fire Chicken Breast: 440

Beef Selections

We didn't order any of their red meat selections but wanted to provide the caloric values for you here; the serving size for each is about 5.5 ounces:

Beijing Beef: 690 calories
Broccoli Beef: 120
Shanghai Angus Steak: 220


The Peppercorn Shrimp is a very good choice at 170 calories per 5.1 ounces. The Honey Walnut Shrimp (which we are looking forward to trying in the future) contains about 370 kcals for a 3.7 ounce serving.

Appetizers, Spring Rolls, Eggroll Selections, Caloric Content

Chicken Egg Roll: 200
Chicken Pot Sticker: 220 for three pieces
Cream Cheese Rangoon: 190 for three
Veggie Spring Roll: 80 calories each

Sauces, Dips for Menu Selections

Actually, almost all of the choices are good and low in energy values and fatty acid content, particularly if we compare them to most varieties of salad dressings. Do watch the amount of Mandarin Sauce that you use. The following kcal values are based on 1 packet unless noted otherwise:

Sweet & Sour Sauce: 70 kcals per 1.8 ounces
Mandarin: 160 kcals per 1.8 ounces
Chili Sauce: 10
Soy Sauce: 5
Potsticker: 10
Hot Mustard: 10
Plum: 15

In Summary

There are several menu items at Panda Express that can tuck easily into your healthy weight loss plan, including their delicious Fortune Cookies.

They are not only fun to break into and eat while reading the uplifting fortune, they are also very minimal in calories at only 32 each with minimal total fat content at only 2 grams.

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