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Healthy Snack Tips for Your Family

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Making healthy snack choices ensures a healthy family.....

Snacks appear to be the Weight Gain Monster when it comes to the foods we eat.

At snack time, we're just hungry enough to get ourselves into some major trouble where weight is concerned - and there are times when snackers end up enjoying a mini-meal rather than a satisfying snack because it's difficult to find a snack that is low in fat and calories that delivers satisfaction.

And one that is also economical.

Here are a few suggestions that might help.

Make Fresh Fruit Readily Available for Snack Time

Snacks tend to be quick-grabs so whatever is in sight is generally what a snacker is drawn to. Set out bowls and baskets of fruit in the kitchen or dining room.

Edible Seeds & Nuts Make Exceptionally Healthy Vegetable Protein Snack Choices for Your Family

Don't forget about seeds and nuts. If you have little ones in the house, make sure they are old enough to eat these foods without choking issues. This applies to all the snack suggestions listed on this page.

The Food Pyramid to the Rescue for Meeting Nutritional Needs of the Body

Let's review the Official Food Pyramid to our right. All too often the focus of a healthy diet is placed onto the protein group - as well as the dairy group. After all, a healthy body requires strong bones (including our teeth), as well as strong muscle composite.

But when we examine the Official Food Pyramid closely we'll see that those two food groups reside at the top of the triangle of goodness; above these groups resides fats, oils and sweets.

The backbone of the Food Pyramid is the Grain Group with more daily serving recommendations than any other food group.

Picture of Food Pyramid

Right behind resides the Vegetable Group in tandem with the Fruit Group.

Yet more often than not, the foods residing in these particular group get less focus than the dairy or protein selections, particularly where kids are concerned.

Most children do not consume ample whole grains or vegetables. Because most kids have a gi-normous sweet tooth and fruit is often sweet, this food group isn't so challenging.

On these healthy notes, for snack time offer whole grain cereal without milk to your little ones. Aim for the cereals that can be handled with the fingers; many taste great without added sugar - such as Cheerios. Even we-adults are fond of this whole-grain wonder.

As to vegetables, make them fun. While a carrot, even a cute little baby carrot might not be appealing to a kid - try the ones with the carrot tops attached like Buggs Bunny eats.

Make Healthy Snacks Visible Rather Than Hidden in the Pantry

We keep sealed clear jars in our kitchen filled with dried fruits and seeds for snack time. While these can be purchased by commercial vendors, they generally contain other foods that we don't like - or a good dose of unwanted sodium.

Keeping these readily available healthy choices on hand can assist with a healthier diet as well as quell the appetite amid snack time.

One trick is to make healthy food selections readily available which aren't stored in our pantries or in view, that must be seen by opening up our refrigerator or freezer.

So seal clear bags of veggies in the fridge so they will be readily available - such as baby carrots and de-stringed celery.

Low Fat Snacks With Minimal Calories

Other foods that we keep on hand from time-to-time include: lean jerky, fruit rolls and tiny jelly beans.

Making healthy food selections quickly available can assist in a healthier daily diet.

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