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Obesity Risks, Overweight Risks

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The risks of obesity and how it influences health and the over all quality of life...

When we start to read about how obesity impacts the body, it's never in a healthy way. The side effects and impacts that it creates towards our health and well being are always negatives - always difficult to read.

Yet with all that we know, obesity is on the rise. More and more individuals are heavier in this day and age than ever before in the history of man and womankind.

The main reason is because that overeating or food-itself can become an addiction. And individuals who are affected are subjected to food each and every day and must struggle with eating.

Where other disorders and addictions are concerned, the culprit can be avoided or removed from the individual's life; no so where eating and drinking are involved.

While it is generally assumed that the more an individual weighs, the higher that individual is placed for significant health issues. But is that really true?

We can look at some of our most beloved and endeared performers that have passed on - many of them severely overweight and yes, obese. Yet they lived long lives with few health issues.

The same can be said about smoking; while some individuals can smoke for a short while yet end up with cancer that takes their life - others can smoke until the ripe old age of one-hundred with out significant health issues. Much, is embedded in the genes that were passed down to us.

While we can't control the entire situation, we can control things somewhat. At times, by making just a few adjustments we can avoid serious health issues - such as heart disease and diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol issues.

But not always - and at times, even thin people who watch their weight and diet still encounter significant health risks.

As to the amount of weight that the individual is at in excess - at times, only five or ten pounds may equal the difference in a normal blood pressure reading and slipping off the edge to high blood pressure readings and the need for medications to regulate such.

Let's examine how obesity effects the human body. Again, this data can be very difficult for some to read as extra weight on the body is always connected to negative rather than positive situations.

How Obesity Impacts the Body

These areas of the body can be impacted by cancer due to obesity: breasts, cervix, ovaries, gallbladder, pancreas, colon, liver and kidneys - and this is a limited list.

Diabetes, Pancreas Issues

The individual who has a family history of diabetes places them at an increased risk of getting the disease via weight gain. With each extra pound, the risks increase. Diabetes impacts the pancreas; simply put - diabetics have a broken pancreas.

Heart Disease

Too much weight on the body can lead to heart disease as arteries clog and strangle the heart. In addition, with each gained pound the heart that wasn't built for a larger body must work harder to pump the blood to all areas of the body efficiently; this places much stress onto the heart.

Circulatory Issues, High Blood Pressure, Stroke

Overweight and obesity can lead to high blood pressure which in turn can trigger stroke.

My own mother suffered three of these - the second of which took her mind. It's a horrible thing for the family to endure and it's difficult to remember how she was before the strokes. If she would have just lost those extra pounds - she might have avoided the strokes as well as the strain placed upon her family.


Overweight and obesity can create woes and pain where joints are concerned and can trigger or cause Arthritis.

Kidney & Liver Issues

Kidney stones as well as gall stones are often an issue in the overweight or obese individual.

The liver is at increased risk for Cirrhosis; if the individual also enjoy alcoholic spirits, those risks increase significantly - particularly where hard liquor is concerned.

Miscellaneous Health Issues Caused by Obesity

Miscellaneous risks associated with obesity include: sleep apnea, varicose veins, stretch marks, excessive sweating, stress on the skeletal frame, decrease in mobility, snoring, breathing issues, excessive belching (from both ends).

If you are currently struggling with your weight, start losing those unnecessary pounds today. Breathe easier, walk freely, hurt less and become a healthier you! If not for your own self, at least for the sake of your family.

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