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FAT - Forever And Today

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Start losing weight today and be done with it....

If I learned only one thing before I dropped over 100 pounds, it was that F-A-T translates to Forever And Today if I allow it to.

I was always wanting to lose weight - but not 'today'.  

I would always promised myself that I would start a new diet tomorrow. It was a viscous, almost never-ending cycle. And it was up to me to break that cycle. I was the only one who had the power to do such.

And unfortunately, I was passing along my bad cooking and eating habits onto my family - onto my own two young sons.

Since I lost all that weight - going on two decades ago, I've heard so many people talk about their weight loss plan being easy - and that if they could lose the weight, then anyone could lose those unwanted pounds.

Different Diets are Necessary as They Don't all Work Well for Everyone

Although those words are intended to offer encouragement as well as motivation for dieters to hurry up and begin a diet plan, what works for one person doesn't always work for another. If it did, then we'd all be thin!

On the other hand, to do nothing - and to keep playing the Diet Waiting Game, only prolongs the weight loss process and generally presents a great opportunity to gain even more weight.

Sensible Tips to Lose Weight

Bottom Line: Going on a diet is just one way to drop those unwanted pounds.

Here are some more very savvy solutions that will assist in getting rid of those unwanted pounds.

Limiting meal time to single servings.

Take one helping from the serving dish and be done with it. Otherwise, you'll continue to stretch the tummy - and it will keep requiring more food.

Saying no to fried foods is a great way to drop excess pounds.

We've become a society that like to dunk healthy foods into rich batters. Then we like to dunk them into a vat of oil. Then we like to dunk them into sauces and dips - or fatty gravy. The result is a daily diet high in dietary fat content, and one filled with more situations involving weight gain than weight loss.

Saying yes to reduced calorie margarine.

Butter contains about 100 calories per serving and it is a solid pat of fat. Most margarine ranges in calories from, 60 to about 80 per serving. The reduced fat varieties contain about 40 per serving.

The dieter will receive some great rewards for reducing fat in their daily diet and this is a fantastic spot to start as we tend to unnecessarily add butter and spreads to most of our foods. If not spreads, then we're playing the dipping game.

The next time that you're presented with a baked potato or an ear of corn on the cob, try to enjoy a bit without the butter, margarine, bacon bits, chives and sour cream.

Taste the lush, delicious - and earthy flavor of the healthy potato. You may discover that you don't miss that yellow blob as much as you thought you would.

Monitoring Sugar Intake

Trading out sugary desserts for fresh fruits is another fantastic method for losing those unwanted pounds.

In Summary

Try to find a weight loss plan that will work effectively for you, whether it's a healthy home-brewed plan, a doctor-recommended weight loss plan - or simply jacking up your activity level.

The key is to start losing weight right now - this very minute. And once the pounds are gone, work hard to keep them off.

Otherwise you'll end up in that almost-endless cycle that I was locked inside of so many years ago.

I can't properly express how glad that I am that I took the initiative to lose the weight - and to keep it off. And you can accomplish the same with hard work and dedication to a healthy weight loss plan and daily diet.

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