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Boost Energy Levels by Boosting Activity Levels

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Boost health with these savvy tips.

What are the benefits of activity? Oh my - there are many!  And they are all good for you and your family as long as you don't over-do.

Here are just a few healthy benefits of exercise.

Increase Stamina & Endurance

Let's say that Erma has just went on a healthy weight loss plan. She needs to lose 100 pounds. Yes, that's a lot of weight and will require a lot of patience.

It also indicates that Erma has been physically inactive for quite a long while. Because of such, she's not going to be able to jump right into a heavy exercise program. She has decided upon walking her way to thinness and fitness - combined with a healthy daily diet.

When she starts her first day of activity, she is only able to walk for ten minutes before she is feeling tired. She doesn't want to walk until she reaches a breathless state; not our Erma. She's a very savvy dieter.

By the end of the week, she is walking ten minutes with confidence. By the end of week two she is walking twenty minutes without issue. And by the end of the month she is able to half an hour without issue.

Trimmer Appearance, Boost in Energy Levels

She is not only looking trimmer and feeling better, she can breathe easier, move freer and she actually feels more energetic.

That's how a healthy dose of activity acts; it serves to boost our energy and activity tolerance levels. The more we exercise, the stronger our body becomes - and the higher our endurance level.

Furthermore, we're building muscle which burns more calories than fat deposits.

Becoming More Active

Adding a healthy dose of activity to your daily routine will also assist in getting a better night's sleep. Keep in mind that activity and rest (or relaxation) go in tandem with weight loss. They must be balanced to be effective - and both can assist in weight loss.

Adding exercise to your daily routine can also improve mental abilities - and make that common wall of fog to life.

A lighter body will naturally feel more energized. And when you feel good about yourself, that's a natural energy booster.

Boosting energy through activity serves to generate a more significant amount of weight loss. Add a healthy daily diet to the mix which is built on the sturdy foundation of the official food pyramid and the food groups housed within - and we've got a combination that's a sure-fire winner.

Exercise Strengthens Heart, Relieves Stress

Keep in mind that the heart is the largest muscle in the body. Getting the heart rate up builds strength and a stronger body which can increase longevity.

Exercise is a natural stress reliever. Stress can contribute to weight gain and all sorts of health issues. When you're feeling stressed to the max - try getting out and embracing activity. A long walk might clear your mind - or shooting some hoops and working out your frustrations might serve to work more effectively. The more stressed you are, at times - the more brisk the activity, the better. Only you can decide.

While exercise and activity can serve to boost energy levels, be sure not to over-do. Like our Erma, know your limitations. Respect the weather conditions - the power of the sun, of storms and of the wind. Dress accordingly - and exercise wisely to achieve the desired effectiveness in the area of weight loss results.

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