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Side Effects for SlimQuick

There are many and because of such we urge anyone considering purchasing this product to seek the approval of their doctor before doing such.

Side effects include the following while using SlimQuick:

Feeling jittery, trembling, shaky, nervousness, racing heart, rapid heartbeat, chest pains and palpitations.
Feeling flush, warm or hot, particularly in the face.
Dangerous spike in blood pressure.
Body rash which resembles pimples.
Inability to sleep and disturbances in the sleep cycle.
Mood changes, depression.
Nausea, sick tummy.
Dizziness, weakness.
Spotting in-between monthly cycle.
Increase in sex drive.

Some of the symptoms and side-effects which have been reported on the web claim to be lasting for more than two years after stopping this product.

Amid our research we found one law firm which is investigating liver failure in individuals among other health issues for individuals who have used SlimQuick.

The firm reference that the product contains significant amounts of caffeine, uva ursi in which toxicity is possible in large doses, and Hydroquinone which has been linked to liver damage in animals.

About SlimQuick Menus

Tuna Mercury Methyl Warning

One of the meal suggestions involves consuming one can of white tuna. The Albacore tuna contains a significant amount of mercury content - 40 mcg per four ounces. The tuna is a large fish and the bigger the fish, the longer time it has in the water to accumulate contaminates.

In addition, two Tablespoons of Mayo are part of the menu. Mayo is exceptionally high in fatty acid content and caloric values.

As to the suggested Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menus, they are reasonable in caloric values. The Lunch and Dinner menus contain about 500 kcals and the Breakfast menu, 300 - 400 kcals. This would equal approximately 1400 kcals per day which is a very reasonable menu plan for those individuals in need of losing 50 or less pounds.

However, the caloric values may need to be increased for individuals having more pounds to lose.

Fact is, the dieter would drop pounds without using SlimQuick on an eating plan containing this amount of calories per day.

When reviewing their advertisements, this product is paired with a 1350 kcal diet plan. Reported weight loss results equaled 25 pounds within a 13 week period - that's over three months. That can easily be accomplished with a healthy diet and no accompanying dieting supplements.

Several SlimQuick Products, Ingredients, Side Effects of Ingredients

There are several versions of this product including:

SlimQuick Extreme which is advertised as a body fat burner specifically for women. The active ingredients include:

Yohimbine: This herbal extract has been used as a supplement in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. The adverse side effects of Yohimbine include: rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, flushing of the skin, panic attacks, hallucinations, and over-stimulation.

This ingredient would support claims of side effects relating to the product.

Sesamin: Commonly used as a dietary fat reduction supplement lacking any evidence via scientifically controlled health studies at this writing.

The FDA reports the following in regards to infant formulas: "Sesame oil contains sesamolin and sesamin, which both have been identified as causing agents in contact dermatitis (Hayakawa et al., 1987).

Cottonseed may contain cyclopentenic fatty acids, which may have negative effects on fatty acid metabolism,e.g. desaturation of fatty acids (Phelps et al., 1965). It seems prudent that these oils remain excluded from use in infant formulae and follow-on formulae."

This might support the side effect complaint of reported rash.

Tuber Fleece Flower: May trigger stomach upset and skin rash. Touted but unproven to render heart and anti-ageing benefits. There are two versions - processed and unprocessed.

Loranthus: Belongs to the mistletoe family. Traditionally used for treating hypertension and intestinal issues. Overdose side effects include vomiting, diarrhea and other digestive issues.

Pu-erh Tea: This is a fermented dark-colored tea. The leaves are commonly touted to suppress fats and body weight gain but there is no evidence to support these claims. In excess, the brick tea can trigger fluoride poisoning which impacts bone and teeth health.

100% Hoodia Gordonii: There is no scientific evidence that Hoodia works as to suppress appetite or to reduce blood pressure. Side effects include feeling jittery, sleeping disturbances including insomnia.

SlimQuick Naturals with Acai is advertised to reduce water retention among other things.

Take note that diuretics, even natural ones should be used with caution as they have the potential to cause a disturbance in the electrolytes. Always ask your doctor first before using.

The active ingredients in this product include green tea, acai and pomegranate.

SlimQuick Ingredients, Six Complexes

The following complexes are advertised to manage the following in women:

Cyclovite: Designed to support fat loss.
Nutratherm: Increases metabolic rate.
Estrotrim: Reduces body fat storage, PMS and appetite.
Cortifem: Stress related benefits.
Aquaplex: Relieves water retention.
X-Tend: Absorption related purposes.

The active ingredients for two SlimQuick tablets include:

Micronized Green Tea Extract: May negatively impact the thyroid and liver.

Caffeine: 575 mg. One cup of regular coffee [8 ounces] contains about 94 mg of caffeine. Therefore, this is like consuming about 6 cups of coffee.

Three tablets are the recommendation and they claim in their advertisement that the amount of caffeine contained in this dose is equal to amount contained in two cups of regular brewed coffee.

The USDA, our official source states otherwise:

Regular Brewed Coffee

8 fluid ounces
[1 cup]

1 ounce

6 fluid ounces

Caffeine in Milligrams




Cocoa Bean Extract: Also contains caffeine. May trigger headache, digestive complaints, allergic skin reactions, rapid heartbeat, increased urination, and nervousness.

Yerba Mate Extract: Associated with the following cancers: esophageal, larynx, squamous cell.

Horsetail [40 mg]: May significantly impact or compromise kidney functioning.

The amount of calcium content is also concerning at 150 mg's. More information on this topic at Diet Bites: Calcium Supplement Risks

SlimQuick Fat Burner - Unfortunately, fat stored in the cells can't be burned away with a magic potion.

SlimQuick Drink Mix Packets - Amid our research we noted several comments related to the unfavorable flavor of this product.

SlimQuick Cleanse - Any product which attempts body cleansing comes with substantial health risks, including a serious imbalance in the body fluids [electrolytes: sodium, potassium and calcium].

SlimQuick Hoodia

Active ingredients include: Vitamin D [200 IU], Calcium [400 mg], South African Hoodia [550 mg], Green Leaf Tea Extract [300 mg]. Again, the amounts of Vitamin and Calcium in the form of supplements are concerning.

In Summary

Keep in mind that at this time there is no magic formula that can melt or erase body fat. There are products which can decrease appetite so that the dieter can be more resistant to tempting foods and beverages.

Many weight loss and diet supplements use ingredients that serve to boost metabolic rate. The side effects of these ingredients can prove serious - and even deadly for some individuals. Effects can be life-lasting, posing damage to the heart, kidneys, liver and other vital organs.

Body fat loss is only accomplished due to energy in and energy out of the body. Energy is based on calories [kcals].

The body requires a specific amount of energy per day in order to maintain a specific weight. When we consume food and drink, we are supplying the body with energy. Then body then turns around and uses the energy to complete necessary vital functions.

In addition, when we move, blink our eyes, sleep, breathe or exercise - we are expending energy values which are also part of the equation where body weight is concerned.

In closing, we strongly urge you to visit with a qualified doctor before taking any weight loss supplement. Just because a product is sold over the counter doesn't mean that it's safe for you. Just because a friend or acquaintance lost weight with a particular product doesn't mean that it's safe for you.


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