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Cooking Tips From Diet Bites Medieval Diet Plan

Weather, humidity, size of vegetables, fruits, etc., oven & microwave cooking capacities, wilt all effect the outcome of a recipe.

Make use of thy noggin & add a dash of good sense to adjust recipes as needed.

Keep in mind to heed ingredients thou may’st be allergic to, such as shellfish & strawberries.

Substitute to thy liking. In fact, thou art encouraged to experiment with all good recipes. Thou may’st create a masterpiece worthy of the King himself!

Be certain to fill thy diet with other goodies from thy hearth & cupboard.

Take in plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, grains & dairy products that art, preferably, made with skimmed milk.

A food dehydrator ‘tis the next best thing to hanging goodies on thy fence line & allowing them to dry. Dryed veggies, as well as fruits, can be stored for great lengths of time.

Purchase goodies as they arrive in season, then dry & store for future uses.

They can be toted with thee on overnite journeys through the woods, whipped up into divine soups & desserts in a pinch.

In fact, almost all dryed goodies, save over-sugared dryed fruits of the vine, tend to be a wondrous haven for villagers traveling on the Diet Trail as most art super low in calories & super rich in vitamins & nutrients.

And take heed during thy diet journey to consume thy faire portion of vitamins as thy body wilt undertake a weakened state.

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