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Yummy Diet Sandwich Recipe

Taking the Humble Sandwich from Pauper to Prince

If you're the a-typical American, we'd be willing to bet that your kitchen pantry isn't stocked with exotic ingredients such as goat cheese, stuffed Greek olives, lobster and so forth.

Ingredients such as sugar, flour, shortening, eggs and bread are resting these instead - and lovely ingredients they are!

Another common staple that may reside in your kitchen is perhaps the humble sandwich consisting of a hunk of meat, a smear of dressing, a wad of green, and a dash of red tomato.

Although highly tasty, you can create Sandwich Masterpieces with a bit of effort - from common ingredients which are likely to be living in your kitchen.

On that note, here are a few of our favorite inexpensive recipes that can take your humble sandwich from pauper to prince.

How to Prepare This Recipe

1. Smear your bread with whipped cream cheese rather than mustard or Mayo.

diet sandwich recipe2. When using chicken or tuna salad, add a few dried cranberries or golden raisins + a few chopped nuts of your choice.

3. Experiment with the specialty mustards.

4. Adding bacon to almost any sandwich almost always takes it up a notch.

5. Try sautéing the following to add to your sandwich: sun-dried tomatoes, sliced mushrooms (experiment with different varieties), and baby spinach.

6. Use mixed salad greens rather than lettuce. Dandelion greens and baby spinach are divine.

7. Dip sandwich in egg mixture and fry to create tasty a tasty Monty.

8. For peanut butter sandwiches, use a bit of marshmallow fluff and mashed banana.

9. Add slices of avocado for a flavorful oomph.

10. Why stick to two slices of bread? Or why use regular size bread? Experiment with party-size breads as well as making triple-deckers.

11. And why stick to traditional breads? Opt for bagels, English muffins and wraps.

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