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Diet Inspiration

Need a little inspiration to get you motivated?

Whether you are thinking about starting a diet plan to lose the unwanted fat, or if you're just needing inspiration to keep on track with your current plan, Diet Bites is filled with tips and advice that will assist in keeping you moving right along.

On those times when you may waiver, stop and consider where you are at. Why would you want to stop your diet when you've managed to lose pounds? By quitting, you'll be at a very high risk for regaining the lost pounds along with more weight, and who wants that?

If you're having issues battling your hunger pains, then you'll want to find a quick and effective remedy. Here are a few great suggestions from each food group:

Grain Group: Rice or Popcorn Cake, Whole Grain Bread Stick, or a Bread Stick coated with sesame seeds; assorted whole grain crackers OR a serving of Instant oatmeal. A cup of your favorite dry cereal can also come to the rescue.

vegetablesVegetables: You can enjoy an entire 10-ounce bag of frozen mixed vegetables for about 140 calories.

Fruits: Bananas are loaded with potassium while apples can assist in snapping you to life in the mornings due to their famous crunching sound.

Keep in mind that avocados also reside in the Fruit Group; adding a slice or two to foods can assist in decreasing appetite while adding nutritious values to your foods.

Protein Group: Keep a sealed container of boiled eggs on hand. Because they are packed with protein, they can assist in keeping your appetite satisfied. A 1/2 cup serving of beans of any variety excepting snap-style can quell appetite. Or, try working on a 1/2 recommended serving of pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Another suggestion is dried jerky. It's very low in caloric values.

Dairy: String cheese that is reduced fat as well as a 1/2 cup serving of cottage cheese studded with fresh slices of fruit or berries can work to satisfy appetite.

In Summary

We all need a little boost every now and then. Even so, keep in mind that nobody's perfect. We all make decisions that will impact our life, at times in a little way and at other times in a great way. Make your dieting decisions count in a positive way for a healthier you!

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