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Diet Soda Health Risks

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Health Risks Associated With Diet Soda Pop

What makes diet sodas so low in calories? Two basic elements tend to spike caloric values: Fat and Sugar. Soda contains zero fat values, so in this situation we're dealing with methods for reducing sugar grams which in turn will reduce the energy values.

The modern day solution? Sugar substitutes - and there is a variety of them. Some common substitutes for sugar are: stevia, aspartame, succalose, and saccharin.

Mild Unpleasant Side Effects

After consumption you may be left with a drainage in the back of the throat which holds a sweet taste, and it's quite unpleasant. When I used to drink beverages containing aspartame, that horrible taste lasted 12 hours or more - just from one serving.

You may also experience a slight rash or skin bumps. And you may experience gastric upset including: abdominal discomfort, gas - including trapped areas of gas, rumbling gut and diarrhea.

Potentially Serious Side Effects Related to Diet Soda Sugar Substitutes

I can speak from my personal experience with sugar substitutes. They were a big part of my life for over ten years, including reduced calorie soda.

I feel that the substitutes impacted my endocrine system which in turn effected my immunity. None of the allergists I saw could find out why I was breaking out in life-threatening hives.

After quitting the substitutes, my rashes started disappearing. No more hives - difficulty in breathing and the other horrible side effects occurred after I stopped the sugar substitutes. My favorite at the time was Splenda, but I also used other varieties.

I feel that sugar substitutes as well as allergy medications are two reasons why so many people these days are experiencing allergic reactions to pets and other allergens that in the past, the body would have dealt with effectively.

Keep in mind that once your endocrine system is compromised and immunity breaks down, your cells are at risk for damage. Cancer and other ills may find their way into the body when they wouldn't have done such if the endocrine system was at top performance.

In Summary

If you are using diet drinks to assist in losing excess body fat, we recommend that you make minimal use of them. A serving of low fat milk or reduced sugar juice makes a much healthier option.

And if you're craving a soda - reach for the full-blown version. Most contain about 140 calories per generous serving.

Other than the impact of carbonated water on the teeth enamel as well as bloating, they don't come with the significant potential risks of diet varieties.

I no longer use sugar substitutes and would encourage you to ask your doctor about them. I did and was told numerous times that they would not recommend them although no reason was given as to why.

I have discussed my personal situation with our vet in hopes that he will do more studies in this area as to his clients who are experiencing allergic reactions to their pets.

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