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Regaining Weight After Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

When Weight Returns After Dieting

All that hard work, all the effort, all those moments of feeling hungry and frustrated - all for nothing for most dieters.

That's so sad, so unfortunate, and certainly NOT set in stone where all successful dieters are concerned - so there's a bit of great news, but it comes with significant challenges.

You're Not Alone; Permanent Weight Loss Success is Rare

The fact that almost all individuals regain the weight they lost while dieting signals that a huge emphasis MUST be placed on Weight Maintenance.

The success rate for keeping the weight off is about 3% - which means that about 97% of all attempts at losing fat fail with the individual packing back on pounds.

There is no need for a successful dieter to go through all the hard work, reach their recommended weight, stay there and enjoy the healthy benefits received by the  body as well as the healthy emotional benefits of the lost weight - only to slowly or rapidly experience weight gain.

And being a dieter who lost more than half of their body weight over a decade ago - I am living proof that YES, one can beat weight gain and achieve permanent weight loss success. And anyone can do such without personal weight loss consultants, personal trainers or being paid smartly to pitch a weight loss product.

Tips to Discourage Regaining Weight After Dieting

Tips to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss Success & Dieting Advice to Prevent Future Weight Gain

- One of the biggest suck-holes where dieting is concerned is that the dieter tends to drastically reduce their daily calorie intake. When the diet ends, they graduate towards more calories. In order to maintain their recommended weight, they must consume the amount of calories their body requires. Our recommended weight charts are located here at Diet Bites. The daily calories needed to maintain recommended weight are located here at Diet Bites.

- One of the best methods for stopping weight gain from knocking at your Post Diet Door is to avoid dieting per say. Yes, forget all about the a-typical reduced calorie diet.

Instead, determine the calories (energy) that your body requires daily, then from this moment forward, consume only your recommended calorie intake.

Yes, it may mean a bit of calculating calories, but look at all the healthy benefits - not to mention a trimmer body that not only looks a million bucks better, it also feels better.

And it can think better. And it can perform activity for longer periods at a time - and it's likely to last years longer than a body padded with fat on a skeletal frame that wasn't intended to cart around that much weight.

There is a plus to add to the weight loss equation when opting for a no-diet approach to achieve weight loss.

When activity and exercise become part of the daily puzzle, more calories can be consumed to replace those that are burned via activity.

When more muscle is involved, it's an even bigger plus because it takes more calories to support muscle than fat.

We can count carb grams and fat grams until our tongues hang out, but when it is all said and done, calories control the weight of our body.

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