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Trans, Saturated Fats & Heart Disease Risks

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites  

Lowering Heart Disease Risks by Kicking Fat to the Diet Curb

The Diet News is out! Trans fats are evil and must be disclosed on food labels. Why so evil? Trans fatty acids, as well as saturated fatty acids are associated with elevated heart disease risk factors. Oh no....

However, there are characteristics of Trans fats that make it ideal for products requiring solid fats - from bakery goodies to breakfast bars.

So the race is on to find a 'healthier' replacement. Palm Oil for one, has been ruled out.

Oh no....again. Bye-bye bakery goodies, hello rice cake. Life just isn't fair, is it?

How important is it to keep a lid on fat in regards to health issues?

The ARS (Agricultural Research Service) performed a study involving 58 adult male and female volunteers. The volunteers were fed four separate, controlled daily diets:

- a moderately high trans fat diet

- a high trans fat diet

- a high saturated fat diet

- a high “heart healthy” oleic acid diet

At the end of six weeks, LDL "bad" cholesterol levels were measured. The study indicated that the high trans fat diets and the high saturated fat diet significantly increased the volunteers' LDL cholesterol levels in comparison to the volunteers' results who were placed on the oleic acid diet. The conclusions of the scientists conducting the study outlined the importance of not replacing dietary trans fats with saturated fats.

Current dietary guidelines recommend consuming less than 10 percent of daily calories from saturated fatty acids which equates to 22 grams or less based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Most adults exceed this recommendation.

And the bad health, bad diet news is that one can be an ideal weight, yet consume far too many evil fat grams that in turn compromise their good health.

My oh my, that rice cake is looking better by the moment. BUT, the good news is that by cutting, limiting and monitoring the fat that we choose to put into our daily diet can indeed render healthy results, such as cutting risks associated with heart disease.

When the heart is healthy, it's happy.

And when the heart is happy, we tend to feel better mood-wise as well as physically and mentally.

More good news!

The following foods also make great choices when it comes to blowing evil fat out of your daily diet while slashing heart disease risks. Your cholesterol readings can be positively influenced within 6 short weeks by opting for the following foods over prepared foods that contain unhealthy fat grams. So give it a try and boost your body's health!

- fresh fruit and veggies (like.... who wants stale fruits and veggies?)

- how about a slimming shake? Just whiz 1 cup of skim milk and a few frozen berries. Delicious and wealthy in nutritional values.

- low fat yogurt, which also makes a boss dip for those fresh fruit and veggies mentioned above

- jerky (any variety), hot air-popped popcorn, and of course - healthy rice cakes!

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