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10 Day Weight Reduction Plan
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Free 10 Day Diet Plan & Menu Planner, Posted Here

A successful diet plan incorporates healthy foods that are found thriving under the pointy roof of the good old Food Pyramid. 

In addition, the good old Food Pyramid includes a healthy dose of dietary fat, as well as discretionary calories (these are calories that the dieter gets to pick and choose) (yeah!).  So yes - a successful diet plan incorporates necessary fat, and the healthier the source of fat grams, the healthier the diet plan. 

And a healthy weight loss plan also embraces foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals - which equals foods that live under the official American Food Pyramid's pointy roof.

Diet Plan & Meal Plan for a Healthy Eating Pattern

As mentioned above, one purpose of our free Diet Bites Diet Plan and Meal Plan is to illustrate a pattern for healthier eating. Healthier eating doesn't mean carving out all the tasty delights and delicious foods and flavors from our past. What would life be like never to experience fresh baked bread? A little butter on that bread? A little grape jam on that bread? Or, a slice of Aunt Loma's family-famous cheesecake amid the holidays? To be forced to never guiltlessly sniff a pepperoni pizza again? To never allow our taste buds to take a skinny dip in a pool of chocolate? Oh, it's just too painful to consider, isn't it?

And YES, we want to be thinner, and YES, we want to be healthier. BUT, unless we are Diet Wise and Weight Loss Wise, all our hard work will be for naught. And naught means nothing. All that painful time spent dealing with the hungries, all that wasted effort losing weight, and all that jumping up and jumping down for joy whenever we discovered we had accomplished such - all for nothing. So NO, that is not an option.

Therefore, Diet Bites free Diet Plan and Diet Meal Planner also contains common snacks that are generally considered taboo during the weight loss process because one massive fault line of many weight loss plans is that they don't show the dieter how to migrate from Diet Mode to Weight Maintenance Mode. Once the dieter returns to the foods within their former diet plan, things get choppy on the Seas of Weight Loss Success. Many-a-successful dieter has jumped overboard for the sake of experiencing one lousy cupcake....which led to two cupcakes and......weight gain. Ouch.

Good news! Because you can insert common goody-snacks into your diet plan and continue to lose weight. After your successful diet, you'll then have established a pattern of how much you can consume while dieting, including calories from favorite snacks and foods.

Diet Bites Free Diet Plan & Diet Menu Plan - 10 Day Diet Plan: Diet Notes

Diet Bites recommends that all individuals visit with their doctor before embarking on any weight loss plan to rule out hidden conditions that may be related to your weight gain issues such as a thyroid imbalance and to ensure that you are in good health to pursue a diet plan. In addition, your doctor may want to personalize a plan built around your health needs.

For those individuals who are significantly overweight or obese - you may require more calories (energy) each day, so please meet with Mister Doctor to discuss your personal energy needs. For example, if you have over 100 pounds to lose, then you'll need to add 200 or more calories to the meal plates; if you have more than 200 pounds to lose - then you may need 300 or more calories added.

Aim to lose about 2-3 pounds per week - and make a note that the more than the individual weighs, the more weight that they will lose at the beginning of their weight loss plan. Depending upon what you currently weigh - you may lose more or less as you diet.

The Diet Bites Diet Plan & Diet Meal Plan provides detailed menus, including all the diet recipes. 

The calories of the diet plan and meal planner are calculated for you - about 1,350 calories per day. Your doctor will be able to recommend a definite calorie amount for your individual needs. Daily meal plates include: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + 2 Snacks.

The Diet Bites Meal Planner's recipes contains common foods so you won't need to purchase odd foods such as starfruit, guava, goat cheese or hummus. While all of these foods may be a healthy part of your weight loss plan, they aren't common foods - but do feel free to make these healthy foods part of your weight loss plan.

If a recipe contains meat in our menu for the meal plate, it can generally be substituted with beans. Therefore, many Vegetarians can hug our diet plan and meal planner too! And Diet Bites strongly suggests substituting vegetable protein over animal protein whenever possible.

Exercise - walk every other day for a minimum of 10 minutes; try to work up to at least 30 minutes per day and it will make your body feel great and it will be so pleased and happy that it will reward you heavily in the area of weight loss. Exercise can include other activities - walking at the mall, sports and so forth; make it enjoyable so you'll look forward to the activity. Start slowly after getting Mister Doctor's permission that you're in good health to embrace activity - then work up slowly, increasing your work out time.

A set of hand-weights, ankle weights as well as a pedometer can assist with activity time and weight loss results.

If you are allergic to any food on the planner, then of course - substitute. If you don't like some foods on the free menus, then substitute with a comparable food.

You  can enjoy zero and low calorie beverages freely and also season foods with low calorie sauces and spices.

If a food is naturally low in caloric values - such as ketchup or pickles, then add freely unless sodium intake is a concern. Natural foods such as the following can be enjoyed freely - so if you feel like you're going to snap, then reach for these: mushrooms, onions, lettuce, radishes, carrots, sprouts, cabbage. Free 10 Day Diet Plan

Easy Free Diet Plan


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