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What Should I Weigh?
Is it Set in Stone?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Your Ideal Body Weight

Our recommended weight charts are located here at Diet Bites. But in regards to the question, 'what should I weigh' the correct answer isn't set in stone.

Studies are vital in determining what works and what doesn't work in achieving a healthier body and a longer life span.

Whereas 'recommended weight' was considered set in stone in our past Diet History, things are rapidly a-changing. For example, studies indicate that seniors tend to be healthier when they support a little extra padding - as much as ten extra pounds over their recommended weight.

On that note, it's important to keep in mind that most charts of this nature tend to underestimate human body weight - much like clothing that is mass-produced tends to be much smaller in size due to keeping manufacturing costs down while finer clothing that is accurate in size because production costs aren't the focus - rather quality, and of course those associated costs are passed onto the consumer.

What might be a size 8 dress when made by a high quality, professional designer or manufacturer, might equal a size 10 or 12 when cheaply made. If you purchasing cheaper clothing, you may actually be a size or two 'thinner' if you switched to the more expensive brands. But these days, only a few can afford to do such. Not I, said the Little Red Hen.

Therefore, what you should weigh according to some charts is going to be different than other charts.

We suggest choosing the highest number in any weight chart that you use as your fitness goal number, then trimming that number if you feel you should need to do such once you reach that high-end number.

Muscle mass is also another key factor involving an individual's weight.

Muscle weighs more than fat. Body builders may weigh significantly above their recommended weight, yet they are some of the healthiest individuals on the planet. Again, personal weight cannot be set in stone.

In addition, certain factors can impact an individual's recommended weight.

- Certain diseases may require an individual be leaner or heavier than the numbers on a recommended weight chart.

- Pregnancy is another factor influencing recommended weight.

- And in short, an individual may feel best health-wise at a number that is totally different than the number indicated as their recommended weight.

Therefore, use weight charts as a tool. They can serve as a number that you would like to reach on the weight scales. Recommended weight numbers can also assist in motivating a dieter to reach that magic number.

However, recommended weights should never govern or control your life - particularly when one feels best at a certain weight than recommended.

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