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Why Am I Fat?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Too Many Calories, Stored in Fat Cells

In short, fat is stored in the fat cells which has been derived from extra calories consumed in the daily diet.

'Extra Calories' equals the calories contained in foods which add up at the end of the Diet Day to exceed an individual's daily recommended calorie intake.

However, other factors can contribute and cause weight gain. Click here for more information on this subject found at Diet Bites.

At this time, we must say that there is no need for an individual to feel humiliated or embarrassed over the size of their body, because what positive thing will that accomplishment?

And if you don't feel good about yourself, then who will?

For whether you have children, a spouse, a life partner, friends, family and so forth - YOU must always come first.

No, it's not selfish - it's quite sane because if you don't take the best care of yourself as possible, then how can you possibly be the best that you can be for those around you?

For those that depend upon you?

For those that love you?

And feeling good about one's self, or valuing one's self-worth plays a big role where personal health matters are concerned.

As to the word 'fat' as well as 'obese', these are words that I've always found great issue with in the English language.

Frankly, they are offensive right off the bat. Unfortunately, we all reside in a rather cruel world at times.

With this said, words have the power to sting, but the sting can be prevented if we so wish.

It's also important to keep in mind that cruel words and comments almost-always are spewed from the mouths of ignorant individuals.

As to validations, an individual who calls another individual 'fat' is creating a far greater transgression through their childish accusations.

In addition, many individuals who have never experienced a 'fat day' in their life have zero knowledge surrounding weight issues.

They may truly not understand, or they may stubbornly refuse to accept the medical and physical facts surrounding weight issues. Basically they assume that people gain weight through their own free will and it is their own fault for being over their recommended weight.

And if you're currently overweight or have been overweight, you know the real truth behind these-type biased judgments.

So buck-up little dieter and move forward, putting your good health at the forefront of your life so that you can be the best that you can be.

Forget about cruel comments on weighty issues, forget about dying to lose weight, forget about fad diets and miracle pills that are more Diet Hell than Diet Paradise - and move forward.

Embrace a healthy diet based on the official Food Pyramid, rich in fiber, in whole grains, in vitamins, in vital nutrients and low in calories and fat.

Yes, it will take time to get off the extra weight, but as you know....good things come to those who wait (or is that weight?) ( is wait - and just wait and see how far you'll go with a positive mind and attitude!)

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