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Weight Gain, What I Don't Know
Won't Hurt Me

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Here we are, going along life's pathway when we suddenly feel a bit ill.

We may be dizzy, feel weak and run-down, breathless - or we may have a pain somewhere on the body.

But if we ignore it, then it will certainly go away. So we allow time to lapse and over time, the condition worsens. Eventually the pain sends us to the doctor's office or in more critical situations, to the emergency room. There are always tons of tests, some of which are totally unnecessary and serve to cover our doctor's you-know-what.

When the tests come back, we really don't want to know the results - unless those results are good.

After all, what we don't know won't hurt us.

In many situations, that pain or ache can be cured or minimalized via prescription medications and in those events, the patient is hugely relieved. Sure, they made the health condition much worse by waiting to see the doctor - prolonging the inevitable, hoping it would go away, but it didn't.

Such is the case with weight gain.

The overweight individual is generally concerned about the excessive accumulation of unhealthy pounds, except when food and drink arrive. It may be breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time - or even grazing time, but during these periods, the individual doesn't even want to think about what they are eating is doing to their body.

While most are more concerned with their appearance than their internal workings, it's those internal things that should be at the forefront. At some point, beauty fades - and the older individual realizes that their health is chief to life because without good health, a body just doesn't feel at its best. We become limited in our activities due to pain or unwellness. If only we could have seen how important a healthy lifestyle was in our youth - oh, the better care that would have been taken with our one and only body. Of course, hindsight is always 20-20, isn't it?

On this note - what are things that can hurt the overweight individual if they don't know about them? Let's see:

1. Heart Health

The heart is the largest muscle in the body and without such, our life would cease to beat. We can strengthen the heart through activity, but there are other elements to heart health. Think about your car - the fuel line, as well as other lines and hoses which carry necessary fluids to the engine. What happens when these become clogged? The engine will sputter and then die-out. The same applies to the heart and the vital arteries and veins within our body. When the arteries become clogged due to the foods and drinks that we insert into our daily diet, it's show-time where poor health is concerned.

2. Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol

Combine any of these fixes with weight gain and we have doubled - and at times, quadrupled our risks for stroke, diabetes, heart attack and other rotten diseases and afflictions of the body.

It's so hip to be at the legal drinking age and guzzle down all the hooch that we want. It's actually sad to see young people so eager to drink - like they are finally adults. Generally, they make fools of themselves - getting drunk, joking about what alcohol does to them, making them look foolish - and nothing even close to adult behavior. After all, drinking is fun! It's also quite deadly; just one drink per day for a women can trigger liver disease and that's not fun. Generally, it's a ticket to the hereafter. Fact is, alcohol can make a liver shrivel and diet - and without the liver, the body cannot survive.

Smoking not only contributes to cancer and heart disease, when combined with weight gain, it absolutely crushes the lungs. It also impacts every living thing who is around the smoke - from our loved ones, friends as well as our pets.

As to drugs, while illegal drugs come with their own risks, many individuals are currently addicted through prescription medications, many of which are prescribed for a condition that could easily be rectified via losing weight.

Some of those include: milder forms of diabetes, acid reflux and other digestive issues and aches and pains associated with the skeletal frame due to having too much weight to handle; it just wasn't built to hold more than a specific amount, and it's on Crush Overload due to too many cupcakes, pies, muffins, gravy, sauces and fried things with wings.

3. Skeletal Frame

Let's talk a bit more about this; think about a house that you might build. It's so lovely - with a strong frame. But let's say that a limb from a tree beside the house falls onto the roof. There will be pressure but the roof will support the limb. Let's say another limb falls - and another - and yet another. At some point, the roof will collapse because it wasn't built to support the added weight. Such is the body. If pounds continue to be added, it will eventually snap.

There are so many serious things that go on inside the body of the overweight individual - from an overworked heart and vital organs to the build-up of life-threatening bad cholesterol.

If you need to lose weight, today is a very good time to start. Sometimes we need tough love; most of us like to be hugged, comforted - and sympathized with; we need reassurance that everything is going to be okay. I'm here to tell you that as someone who lost a massive amount of fat many years ago and who has kept it off, it's not okay. I don't want you to end-up in a wheelchair at the grocery store because you are too big to walk. I don't want you to end-up with heart disease, cancer or diabetes - or other health ills that will cut your life short.

I'll be here to pat you on your shoulder, to help guide the way - but do not put off losing those unhealthy pounds another day. But grabbing the rope and swinging to the other side of life - the healthier side, you'll not only be pleased with your appearance, but what you can't see inside of you will be thoroughly delighted.

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