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Proteins Low in Calories for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

High Protein Diets Can Be Accompanied With Serious Health Risks

The high protein diet is all the rage but take special note - if it's too rich in protein grams, then it can create major havoc within the body - taxing the kidneys and posing significant health risks, including kidney damage as well as life-threatening situations to certain individuals - including diabetes and heart patients. Take further note that many individuals who have these health conditions are unaware of such, thus they are considered as 'hidden'.

With that said, protein can assist in quelling hunger - keeping the body from being hungry for longer stretches of time. Protein triggers the release of water within the body, acting like a diuretic, much like potassium.

What protein rich foods are low in caloric content?

It's difficult to beat an egg when it comes to such; one jumbo contains 90 calories and almost 8 protein grams.

Animal proteins are significant in grams. Chicken breast contains almost 42 grams per one cooked chopped cup for a skinny 276 calories. One beef, bottom round steak with all of the visible fat removed contains about 63 protein grams and 400 calories; three ounces trims the grams to 29 with calories decreasing to 180 - and this in based on its cooked state.

One caveat about dining out; we always recommend that the dieter request the restaurant's nutrition guide which contains all of the data and caloric content of the foods on the menu. We suggest that selections always be based on caloric content because the body manages 'energy-in' via the form of calories - not fat grams, total carbohydrates, cholesterol or so forth. It's also important to make menu selections based on the distribution of dietary fat contained within the food.

On this note, the protein gram column for some selections can be quite impressive - and at times, its such because the burger or fish or other selection is so large. Restaurants, particularly fine dining ones, tend to super size the foods on the meal plate so that diners will keep on coming back to visit. So beware of such - and base selections on the energy values of the foods. Generous protein doesn't equal generous health benefits.

Turkey and beef jerky are also great low calorie protein options at 80 calories per serving and about 7 grams of protein. Cod fish contains a tiny 70 calories per three uncooked ounces and over 15 impressive protein grams.

Here are more low calorie foods that are significant in protein grams:

Food Selection

Serving Size

Protein Grams

Caloric Values

Cottage Cheese, 1% Milkfat 4 ounces



Milk, 1% Milkfat

1 cup



Mozzarella Cheese, part skim 1 ounce



Chickpeas, Garbonzo Beans 1/2 cup, cooked



Pinto Beans 1/2 cup, cooked



Tuna 3 ounces, canned in spring water



Blue Crab 3 ounces, steamed



Flounder, Flat Fish 3 ounces, grilled



It may be a bit surprising to see cottage cheese and cheese on the data chart - as well as milk. All of these are low calorie options and make excellent choices for the meal or snack plate when they are in reduced fat form.

Almost all varieties of fish and shellfish are low in caloric values and make excellent food sources for protein. In addition, the same applies to dried meats - such as the turkey and beef jerky selections.

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