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Vegetables Low in Calories for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Vegetable Group & Your Diet Plan

Let's look into Farmer Tom's garden and see what we can pick to go onto our diet meal plates. Let's place the focus on vegetable recipes today, shall we?

'Fried' Potato Recipe for Dieters

One small white potato of most varieties contains 120 calories. It's generally bathed in butter or margarine, coated in a thin layer of sodium then drowned in ranch dressing and bacon bits.

Today, let's enjoy the earthy flavor of the potato by using this simple recipe. You'll need one potato, salt, cracked black pepper and cooking spray.

Spray a non-stick skillet and allow it to warm. In the meantime, wash and dry the potato then slice it into thin circles. The more circles that you make, the more food you'll feel like you are eating. This is a good method for fooling the tummy.

Add the potato slices to the skillet and brown on both sides. They should turn a golden color. Salt and pepper them as you wish and enjoy with a side of ketchup.

Creamed Peas, a diet recipe

We have a very quick method for preparing English pea, cream-style. Purchase your favorite gravy mix and you'll need the 'Biscuit' flavor. Simply prepare as directed on the package using the recommended amount of liquid - but rather than using water, use milk instead. Reduced fat milk will save calories and fat grams.

The best peas for this recipe are the frozen ones as they tend to be firm while canned peas are quite mushy - and fresh peas are quite soft and buttery in texture. Prepare the peas in the microwave or stovetop and simply combine them with the biscuit gravy.

This recipe also works will for other vegetables such as button mushrooms, pearl onions and whole kernel corn.

Lemon Pepper Corn, a diet recipe

You will need an ear of corn, reduced fat margarine, cracked black pepper and lemon pepper to prepare this easy diet recipe. Leave the corn in the husk and place it into the microwave. Cook until tender; my microwave cooks the corn in about seven minutes. Oven temperatures vary so keep a check on the corn as it cooks. If it is overcooked it will be too tough.

Remove and when it is cool enough to handle without suffering a burn, remove the husk and all the corn silk.

Place onto your meal plate and add the reduced fat margarine; sprinkle with the lemon pepper and the cracked black pepper. If you wish to do such, you can also sprinkle on some finely-chopped fresh or dried parsley.

Easy Asparagus Recipe

Clean your asparagus and trim the woody parts off with a sharp knife. Using extra virgin olive oil, rub the spears lightly and transfer to a sheet of tin foil. Dust with salt and cracked pepper.

Place into your toaster oven on high for about 10 minutes, or until the asparagus is tender. Remove and enjoy with your meal plate..

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