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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Need a little Diet Motivation to keep your weight loss plan on track?

If so, let's get diet-cracking with ten terrific tips that can motivate you to lose weight and keep it off forever!

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #1

If you are mid-stream in your current weight loss plan and fear slipping off the Diet Wagon, think back to how you felt the moment you began your weight loss plan. Remember the excitement? The high expectations of weight loss? Of obtaining better health?

The weight loss process is a bit like romance. At times, we need to rekindle those fleeting feelings of love that are slowly slipping into the vortex of failure.....Weight Loss Failure. Let's move forward to see how we might accomplish such, beginning with Diet & Weight Loss Motivation Tip #2.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #2

Go shopping! Purchase a dress or a pair of slacks or pants or shirt or belt - any item that you wish, but make it a size smaller than your current size. Buy a new swimsuit, only a size smaller than you'd normally wear. Nothing like the fear of showing a little flesh to get one motivated to drop those excess pounds. And my, aren't you going to look fab in your new swimsuit!

Make it your goal to be able to fit into the garment or item by setting a personal, doable timeframe.

Keep in mind that the general rate of healthy weight loss equals about 2 pounds per week. In one month, a minimum of 8 pounds can be lost. The Diet News is even better if you have a lot of weight to lose (75 pounds or more) because you can expect the number of pounds lost to be much higher.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #3

Next time you go to the market, spend a little time in the produce department where the potatoes live. Whether you've just started a weight loss plan, or whether you've lost weight on your current weight loss plan, lift the bag of potatoes that best fits your Weight Loss Aspirations. If you've lost 20 pounds or if you need to lose 20 pounds, grab the 20-pound bag. Feel the weight. Imagine strapping that onto your back and carting the weight around all day. Look how far you've come! Why look back?

And if you're planning on losing weight, feel how much lighter you're going to be! All that added weight is just weighing down the skeletal system. Imagine the relief.

One note - please don't even try to lift those 50 pound bags of potatoes. Your goal is to look and feel sleek and lovely, not to break thy precious backside.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #4

Enjoy a nice, filling meal. You don't have to Diet Sin in order to do such. Example Menu: 1/2 cup of beans, 1 wedge of cornbread, 1/2 small chicken breast of grilled chicken (we love to sprinkle ours with lemon pepper), 1 cup of sliced fresh strawberries topped with a serving whipping cream. Total calories equal about 450 calories.

Now that you have a satisfied tummy, go to a nice secluded place. It may a spot in your garden. It may be a local park bench. It may be the local library or your den. Once there, think about your weight and where it needs to be. If you're unhappy with the current progress, think about a back-up plan. Would another approach to weight loss work better?

Think about your current daily diet menus. Are they satisfying your hunger? Do you have energy? In the end, you must determine why you require further motivation to move forward with weight loss. Once you figure out the answer, nothing can stop you from reaching your recommended weight.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #5

There is nothing like a visit to your doctor for Diet Motivation. All those warnings about how stored fat can destroy the body before its time, as well as the significant health risks associated with excess weight are guaranteed to get a dieter on the ball.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #6

Before you go and fall completely off the Diet Wagon, run - yes RUN to your closet (although carefully so that you don't fall and break something important)  and collect all the clothing items that are currently very loose or roomy. Time to do a bit of donating to the local charity because you don't need the temptation.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #7

Stand stark-naked in front of a full-length mirror.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #8

Whether it's a friend, a soul mate, your life-partner, your minister, a dietitian or a family member, having someone that you can talk to about your weight loss plan can go miles towards Weight Loss Success - as long as your confident understands the hurdles that you are going through, and who will be there for support and wise advice. If you don't have that option, try joining a local fitness club or group for support. Dieters of a feather, flock together! And together, boy oh boy, can they fly high!

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #9

Grab a fashion magazine or any reading material featuring beautiful people that can instill you to keep your weight loss plans on track. Or watch a movie or program featuring your favorite trim stars.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #10

Stop, look and listen to your body talk. If you're currently on a weight loss plan, and you've lost excess weight, how do you feel about that? Good? Of course you do! And how would you feel if you slipped off your weight loss plan only to gain all the lost weight back again? Not so good, right? You don't want to do that. You deserve better. You deserve to feel better, to look better, to feel good about yourself.

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