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Best Carbs for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Carbohydrates React Like Sponges Within the Human Body

Does the body really need carbohydrates for optimum health or do they act like a sponge, holding water within the body - creating false pounds while contributing to weight gain? If a food is white should I eat it or run into the woods, finding a nice tree to hide behind?

Good Carbs, Bad Carbs - What Does This Mean?

And what's all this yammering about good and bad carbs? Can I really eat a doughnut and lose weight too? Or should I simply eat a three egg omelet for breakfast and grab onto the coat tails of the popular carbohydrate restricted weight loss plans?

All of the above are common questions asked by the dieter who is stuck in limbo - trying to decide which weight loss plan will produce the most impressive results in the area of pounds lost - in the shortest timeframe available. Choosing wisely can make all of your weight loss dreams come true while choosing poorly might end up with a visit to the emergency room with a bill that will require being paid for the next twenty years of your miserable little carb-dieting life.

Let's address the questions above, then we'll provide the key to inputting the best carbohydrates into your weight loss plan - a healthy one.

Carbohydrates & the Sponge Effect

Carbohydrates do act like a sponge and this is one of the reasons why a low-carb diet delivers fast results at the beginning of the plan.

We must also keep in mind that this fad method of dieting also mandates rich protein choices on the meal plate; proteins trigger the release of the water - thus producing instant weight loss results.

Lost Weight on Low or Restricted Carb Diets, Quickly Regained

However, as soon as the diet is tossed to the side - right beside all of those breadcrumbs that the dieter spread as they pranced down the old weight loss trail - because we-humans aren't all totally nuts, it was ultra easy to find the way back to diet sanity - a land filled with lots of bread and other tasty dough wads. And the immediate payment is an adage of pounds.

Avoid All White Foods for Reducing Bad Carbs?

Next, just because a food is white doesn't mean one should be prejudiced. Carbohydrates are an essential element of optimum health; without them our energy levels plummet. While the jab of rich protein can keep the carb-dieter perky, it's a temporary fix. Without carbohydrates, the energy levels just aren't there. They also have other stellar jobs within the body which only they can perform and they are a necessary part of any healthy daily diet.

Cholesterol Health Impact of Carb Dieting

As to the three egg omelet, we've spoken with carb-dieters who eat eight or more of these buggers a day. In time, perhaps the science and health world will discover if the cholesterol in egg yolks really does impact health, particularly heart health - all thanks to egg-packing carb-dieters.

Best Food Choices for Carbohydrates

As to your best choices for carbohydrates, think 'cool beans'. And think about the healthy foods that one might insert into their weight loss plan which live inside the American Food Pyramid - like cabbage, corn, lettuce, potatoes, whole grain breads and pasta, rice, couscous, carrots, lentils and the broom of the gut, good old broccoli. George Bush hates it while others love it; personally speaking - we sure like how it tastes, but like cabbage, Brussels sprout and other little green things - it stinks to cook the stuff. Someone needs to set up little huts and sell the stuff for cheap in order to keep our kitchens sweet smelling - but the cooks would need to wear gas masks in order to do such, wouldn't they?

As to the bad carbohydrate choices, it's easy to define the difference between these and the good guys. And keep in mind - that good guys really do wear 'white' hats. When it comes to the bad guys - think about all the sugary, fatty desserts that you love as well as all the delicious fried foods. Yes, those are the ones. Shameful, isn't it?

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