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Grains Low in Calories for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Grain Group & Your Diet Plan

Poor old grain group - it's been beaten over the head quite furiously by serious, highly motivated low carbohydrate dieters. But we're here to tell you that it's quite innocent - and it's not responsible for the weight gain issues that have overtaken our nation.

This group might be better touted as the energy group; grains give us the 'go' we need in our day. While some food choices can equal weight gain - that's true for all food groups.

Let's take a gander, shall we?

Food Groups & High Calorie Selections

Protein Group: Fried steak, quiche mined with cheese, beef enchiladas, cheese enchiladas, chicken Alfredo mined with rich creamy sauce.

Fruit Group: all dried fruits are extreme in caloric content; raisins contain about 500 calories per cup as do dried cranberries. One cup of dried pear halves contain about 400.

Vegetable Group: Casseroles that contain full-blown cheese and meats, particularly ground beef which is not of the extra lean variety are all spiked with high caloric values dietary fat grams, particularly saturated fat.

Dairy Group: Whole milk, whole yogurt - some of those little containers at the market contain more than 200 calories for six ounces. And let's don't forget about cheese, one of the cornerstones of the low-carb diet plan.

Now let's address the grain group; when wholesome whole grain foods are chosen, the caloric values for these foods aren't any higher than those from other food groups when healthy foods are the choice for the meal plate. A slice of diet bread contains about 35 calories while a slice of regular bread contains 60 to 80 per slice. Some recipes do contain more - and the slice might also be larger, so check the nutrition labels.

Grain Group Tips for Dieters

Rice is an excellent low caloric choice at about 100 for 1/2 cup - and that includes brown, wild, jasmine - and other varieties of rice. Pasta mirrors these values cup for cup.

Having a bowl of soup? Then pair it with a skinny 60 calorie serving of whole grain crackers. Need a healthy snack? Then look to the low calorie brands of popcorn - or pop your own using a hot air popper. Per ounce of unpopped corn, it contains 106 calories and that one ounce makes a whole lot of corn. Drizzle with melted reduced fat margarine - or use the zero calorie butter spray.

Oatmeal and cereals are also wholesome low caloric choices for your meal plate or bowl while on a weight loss plan. They vary in calories, depending upon the brand and the type of cereal chosen. As to the whole oats and creamy wheat warm cereals, they contain from 120 to about 150 calories per 1 cup serving.

Grain Group Pitfalls

Food choices to avoid in this food group which are high in caloric values as well a mined with unhealthy dietary fats include some of the most beloved foods in the American diet - sad, but so: doughnuts, cheese Danish, cookies, sugary candy such as jelly beans and caramels, cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls - and other dough-wads which contain sugar in the ingredient list.

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