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Risks of Weight Gain

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight gain is accompanied by both physical and emotional scars.

Sure, there are the health risks - from heart disease to diabetes. And the more that the individual weighs, the more serious the health risks.

But what about the physical impact from weight gain?

It's often buried beneath the frightening health impacts associated with such. Let's discuss how weight gain influences the way that we look and the way that we think.

Physical risks associated with weight gain include stretch marks which may be more troublesome for women than men as more women as a whole tend to fret over their appearance than men.

Stretch Marks & Weight Gain

Stretch marks are commonly associated with childbearing and can stay with the woman for the rest of her life. These scars left by the abdominal area expanding look identical to those caused by weight gain. And like the stretch marks associated with childbirth, the scarring from weight gain is also permanent although it does fade with age as well as when weight loss occurs.

When too much weight is gained, there will be excess skin hanging in some areas of the body. At times, muscles can be toned to fill-in the areas so that the sagging skin isn't as noticeable, but other times - if the excess is severe, it may require surgery to be removed.

Let's switch gears to the emotional pain created by weight gain.

People who are overweight or obese generally do not like having their photo taken. Who wants a memory of being fat? Even when the individual goes on to lose the weight - they may be haunted by old fat fotos. I know that this situation personally applies to myself.

After I lost 100+ pounds almost two decades ago, I tore up and threw out every fat photo of myself that I could find. Even so, some are still mined at old work places as well as in the photo boxes of a few of my relatives. These photos to me are embarrassing. They represent a very painful place in my life where everything was going wrong - and not all of it was created by my obese state.

People can be cruel; rather than being bragged on for losing weight - at times they enjoy taking a dig. "Gee, you sure were fat, weren't you?" Much of that type of attitude stems from jealousy or from just wanting to crush someone because they can. Even so, this type of behavior still hurts - and it's intended to hurt from the individual delivering the jab.

In addition, after the weight is gone there may be a constant concern that at some point the weight will be regained as well as painful memories associated with our overweight or obese state in life.

If these sound like familiar situations, hold your head up high and march forward proudly in life. There is a lot more to life than what a person weighs. And it's always something; if an issue doesn't involve our weight - then it involves another body part.

My spirit was warmed greatly when I went shopping at the market for groceries; our pantry was indeed quite empty. There was this lovely young girl who was checking me out and her eyes were so blue and beautiful and her hair was extra-curly.

When I had left for the market, I wasn't too pleased about my appearance; I was having a very bad hair day - and my makeup just refused to cover my flaws. When I was doing my mascara, the brush slipped and I couldn't quite remove all of the dark smear from under my eye.

This very pretty checker was young enough to be my daughter, so I felt quite comfortable in telling her, "You're such a beautiful girl and your eyes are such a pretty blue," before I headed out the door. I was totally gobsmacked when she smiled and told me, "I just love your hair."

I smiled back and it was a moment that I would never forget. In the strangest places, we can often find comfort.

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