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Health Risks Involving OTC
Diet & Weight Loss Supplements

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Supplements, Unregulated & Pose Significant Health Risks

When products are sold over the counter they are generally considered as safe by the consumer. However, many never go through the rigorous testing required by some remedies.

For example, herbal potions and pills do not require approval by the FDA; it's vital to keep in mind that in our history - herbs were the way of medicine. They were the modern edge of medication and remedy for the ill.

Many diet teas that appeared over the counter have been connected with fatalities, as have weight loss supplements and diet pills.

Keep in mind that any diet or weight loss supplement that is manufactured is going to impact the body in some manner. It may work to speed the metabolic rate - which is serious business and risky to health. The supplement may work to combat appetite or to make the stomach feel full.

What a weight loss or diet supplement can't do is trigger weight loss, although most manufacturers of these type products would have the consumer believe otherwise. They pay a lot of money for vigorous commercials depicting beautiful actors and actresses pitching their product - they make a tidy bundle and if an issue arises with the product, they are simply slapped on the hand by our legal system and they pay a fine.

They may have profited millions off of their diet product, yet the fine may be minimal - such as one million dollars. It's sad and it's wrong, but it happens. I don't think there is a day that passes that there isn't someone on the television pitching a product that not only doesn't work - it could indeed be a very dangerous product.

The Dangers and risks involved with Over the Counter (OTC) weight loss supplements and metabolism boosters may present the following symptoms & serious conditions:

- diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, excessive burping, excessive gas & other digestive issues

- increased heart rate; pounding heart; may trigger panic attacks that can mimic the feeling of a heart attack

- excessive nervousness; inability to sleep;may cloud thoughts and reduce mental stamina

- excessive sweating, cold sweats, body tremors, shaking

- respiratory issues, including difficulty breathing

- may create a hormone imbalance

- death

In Summary

Before taking any type of weight loss supplement or diet pill - whether solid or liquid in form, you should make an appointment with your personal physician or nutritionist to discuss the health risks and dangers associated with the product.

Discuss the ingredients - what they do, how they impact the body and ask if they will stimulate weight loss and above all, get their qualified approval before putting any supplement through your lips.

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