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Symptoms of Diabetes Type II

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diabetes is one of the ugliest monsters existing in today's world and unfortunately, the monster is stronger than ever.

Having lost my beloved father to diabetes, I know first-hand the pain, the physical and the emotional damage that diabetes can inflict on an individual - as well as their  family members and loved ones.

Recognizing the early warning signs of diabetes can assist in keeping the monster on a leash. Unfortunately, my father didn't recognize the symptoms and it wasn't until his mother tested positive for diabetes that he visited his doctor and discovered that he too had diabetes. From that moment going forward in his life, he struggled with his addition to food.

My father learned of his diabetic condition in his early forties and the complications of diabetes would be his demise some thirty years later - totally blind, kidneys failing accompanied by heart failure. His death was long and arduous, and heartbreaking for family members to see their loved one relying on a machine to live, which ended with emotional scars when it had to be disconnected.

If not for my father's diabetic condition, I daresay he would have lived for many more productive years. And he was always full of life - he loved life although life didn't always love him.

Diabetes & The Activity Factor

My father was a highly active individual. He loved to garden and could never sit still for long periods at a time. My dear mother had to literally lasso him and tie him down in order for him to sit still long enough to watch a movie with her. And he never could resist those homemade movie snacks.

With this said, even the active of individuals can become a victim of diabetes.

Diabetes & The Weight Factor

Overeating and weight gain are often associated with diabetes, but there are many thin individuals that battle this terrible disease daily.

At times, the added weight may just be enough to tip the scales in the monster's favor, and by losing those extra pounds - diabetes may be stymied.

My father was heavy from his twenties going forward. Although he tried from time-to-time to drop the excess weight which would allowed him to better manage his diabetes, he never managed to succeed to keep any lost weight off. After a snag of faithful dieting, he would quickly settle into his old daily diet habits, regaining all the weight he had struggled so hard to lose, and gaining even more in the process, which of course, took its toll on his diabetes.

Early Warning Symptoms of Diabetes

If you are exhibiting one or more of the following early warning symptoms of diabetes, please meet with your doctor. The sooner proactive action is taken, the better your outlook for a longer, healthier life.

Weight Related Symptoms of Diabetes

The individual may be excessively hungry and they may experience either weight gain or weight loss.

Kidney & Urinary Track Symptoms of Diabetes

Symptoms include excessive thirst, excessive urination which often creates a sticky residue where urine splatters. The individual may also experience frequent bladder infections.

Skin Related Symptoms of Diabetes

It's the largest organ in our body and when diabetes attacks it gets all sorts of ills from rashes to infections that are difficult or slow to heal. Other things that may appear include boils, itchy skin, flaky skin, and even athletes feet.

Nerves & Muscles - Early Warning  Symptoms of Diabetes

A numbness or tingling in both the feet and hands is often one of the first symptoms of diabetes. Leg and feet cramps may also rear their ugly heads.

Moods & Early Warning  Symptoms of Diabetes

The individual may feel excessively tired or worn out, without energy. They may have malaise and even feel drowsy from lack of energy.

Miscellaneous Early Warning  Symptoms of Diabetes

Oral Thrush (a mouth rash) and Peripheral Neuropathy which impacts vision.

Although diabetes is an extremely serious disease, in most cases it can be controlled with diet, exercise and medications. The key is taking quick action and having a positive plan of attack.

My heart goes with all of you who are impacted by this terrible disease.

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