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Holiday Dieting Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

These fun weight loss tips can assist with ditching those unwanted pounds - no matter what time of year, or the occasion - from vacation to the tempting holidays.

Whatever transpires amid the holidays, you don't want to gain weight. After all, you're on a diet - and your intent is to lose pounds, not find them. Keep reminding yourself that for every pound gained, it will take about 1/2 week to get rid of it via reduced-calorie dieting. That's quite a lot time in comparison to how long it takes to gobble that goody.

For example, let's take a look at Dieter Amy. She is eyeing-up that chocolate walnut-pecan pie made by her favorite aunt. It's one of the highest calorie pies amid the holidays, or not. It can contain as small as 450 calories upwards to 850. The pie is a ten-inch pie and contains six servings. This particular pie contains 600 calories per slice for a total of 3,600 calories. That's 100 calories over what would be necessary to gain a pound of weight.

Yet Amy is tempted. She'll only have a slice and be done with it; she is tired of being tempted. And it's the end of the day - as her aunt arrived late to the holiday party.

Once home, Amy goes to unload her car and realizes that her aunt left her a gift on the back seat. It's a box and she curiously opens it, discovering another chocolate pecan pie - just for her. Oh dear, oh dear.

Before she knows what is happening, Amy is so overcome with joy that she enjoys a slice. By noon on the following day, she has eaten the remainder of the pie.

Now remember how we mentioned that it takes about 1/2 week to lose that pound - and that's what Amy has gained because she went more than 3,500 calories over her diet totals. So how long did it take for her to consume the pie? She had six sessions at about three minutes each equalling eighteen minutes in total. Let's really look at this; less that half an hour to gain one pound - and 1/2 a week to lose that pound.

Amy could have avoided gaining weight by resisting her aunt's delicious pie. Although sweets and cool foods generally abound during holidays, vacation times, birthdays and special occasions, you don't want them following you for months to come. Sure, it wouldn't have been nice to hurt her aunt's feelings after she went to all that work - but Amy could have shared the love, thus greatly reducing temptation while passing around the joy to others. One slice of pie is one thing; an entire pie is quite another.

The next time that she is presented with temptation, she should get up and move. Whether that involves going out and shopping, working out at the gym or shooting hoops.

Amy can also take other measures. She can wear a belt or a tighter fitting garment to help discourage over eating and to create awareness of your current figure.

After her first piece of pie, she could have also balanced the calories by dining light - such as choosing a salad; they always make a healthy choice until those little high-calorie additives start piling on. She should watch out for bacon, cheese in any form, croutons, crackers, bread sticks and salad dressing which can range from 25 calories per serving up into the triple digits.

I know - so many things to watch out for, so much temptation; however - where weight loss is concerned, it takes a lot of love as well as tough love and there are times when we have to be tough on ourselves in order to stay on track with weight loss.

In Summary: Don't leave room for regrets. Too many times, a dieter has experienced a miserable trip or holiday season due to their current restricted diet. You don't have to jump overboard when it comes to having fun, but you don't need to be so restrictive that your trip is miserable, either. All rests well when things are in balance - from our daily diets to our activity levels.

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