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A Dieter's Diet History Equals
a Solution for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Diet History Question #4. What type of diet or weight loss plan did you choose in your diet past?

A special diet recommended by your doctor? A popular diet plan that fizzled shortly after the Diet Charm & Allure wore off? A bland, boring diet plan? A diet plan which incorporated prepared meals? Exercise? What areas of your previous diet plan worked for you in losing weight?

Determine your answers and place those into your Diet Knapsack because you'll want to take these with you along your Weight Loss Journey.

#5. Was exercise a part of your previous diet plans and was it effective in assisting with weight loss?

Brutal? Boring? A chore rather than pleasure? Grueling? What specifics of the exercise plan worked in conjunction with your daily diet plan that made losing weight easier?

Keeping in mind that exercise contributes to a healthier body, burns calories to accelerate weight loss, strengthens the body and makes a body feel good, the main factor that regulates our weight is the daily diet. We can eat 3 cheesecakes containing a total of 50,400 calories and run until Doomsday, yet not burn off all those extra calories.

#6.Was there a particular diet plan in which the weight came off quickly?

Average weight loss progression? Painfully slow weight loss that didn't appear to have any progressive effects on those extra pounds? It's time to cherry-pick what worked in an effective manner to produce weight loss, and what didn't work. If nothing worked, then it's time for a brand new Diet Bicycle!

#7. Did any of your former diet plans involve weight loss pills, diet supplements or prepared mail order foods? Promises from outside sources of grandiose weight loss success?

Of instant weight loss? Of losing weight in your sleep? Of weight loss without changing anything in your daily diet other than adding their magic pill, diet supplement or magic weight loss potion? Guaranteed weight loss success? Magic weight loss? Pounds that would quickly, easily melt off?

Fact: If those promises didn't come from your mama, it's time for a new approach to weight loss. Unfortunately, Diet Snake-Oil Salesman will sell their own grandmother for a buck. Our 'wittle' brains are there for a reason, but most of the time, we don't take time to reason - particularly when it involves conquering the impossible in a wink.

At this point in time, we should know that a pill, potion or diet supplement isn't magic where weight loss is concerned. Weight loss takes a lot of dedicated effort. Weight loss involves the realignment of one's daily diet. Weight loss involves time, dedication and making wise decisions.

So what do diet and weight loss supplements accomplish? Some may assist in quelling appetite so that the dieter doesn't feel that constant nagging in the pit of their bellies amid the weight loss process. The payback often comes in the form of health risks from diet and weight loss supplements that have not received approval from the official regulating agencies.

Unfortunately, 99.9% of diet and weight loss supplements have not received such approval, and many of these miracle drugs are disappearing upon agency orders as they have been associated with serious health risks, including death. And at that point, the Diet Snake-Oil Salesman has already made their fortune, including interest on their fortune, so any imposed fines or slaps on the wrist can easily be afforded. But, can you afford your good health by placing your money on unregulated weight loss products as they spin the roulette, playing with your good health?

#8. How did you feel and look physically on previous diet plans?

Defeated? Tired? Conquered by weight gain? Or did you feel Invigorated? Happy? Revived? Energetic? What worked? What didn't work? If you felt tired, was it due to over exercising? Or was it due to a poor daily diet insufficient in calories and nutritional values? Did your hair disappear in clumps? Did your skin and nails lose their luster? Did you experience headaches on your diet plan? Were the menses absent, sporadic, painful or unusual? Dizziness while dieting, including fainting? Dark circles beneath the eyes? Pounding or racing heart while dieting?

If you felt invigorated, energetic, happy or revived, why so? Needless to say, when those extra pound disappear, the body functions much more efficiently. The skeleton is also relieved from the constant burden of weight. With less fat to haul around, the body is able to perform more functions physically - and can perform them faster with greater balance, agility and mobility. Accidents are less likely to occur in conjunction with future health risks being drastically cut.

If you experienced any of the physical effects mentioned above, and these ills disappeared after your diet was discard, it is almost 100% likely that the diet plan triggered or created the health issues. In addition, many weight loss potions contain herbs that are unregulated by our government and these type weight loss potions can cause the heart to race or pound and may raise blood pressure. They can also trigger nausea, dizziness, vomiting and may even light the way for panic disorders. Although most of us perceive herbs as 'natural cures', herbs should be thought of as 'natural drugs'. Certain herbs, such as valerian root was used during the World Wars to treat soldiers exhibiting battle fatigue. With this said, be aware that all herbs, like all drugs, may not agree with your body's composite and should not be taken lightly.

My personal experience with herb-based weight loss potions included a racing heart, pounding heart, elevated blood pressure, and it only got worse as I developed frightening panic attacks. And the headaches were acute, made worse by the increase in blood pressure. Therefore, I do not recommend weight loss potions, particularly any with 'miracle' or 'melt away fat effortlessly in your sleep' or 'magic weight loss' in their ads.

Fainting, headaches and the ill condition of hair and nails can generally be traced to a diet deficient in calories and adequate nutritional values necessary to support the body. Keep in mind that the skin is our largest organ. When it begins to get sick or look ill, there is health trouble boiling from deep within.

#9. How did you feel mentally on previous diet plans?

Excited over losing weight? Intimidated? Or did you feel victorious? Successful? In a mental fog? Or as if the mental fog had been lifted?

Whatever mood is most prominent amid the weight loss process can tell a lot about the success and efficiency of the diet plan that was chosen. Mental fog may be a result of a diet lacking proper nutrients required by the body. The diet may also be deficient in calories, thus slowing down the body in order to conserve precious energy. This situation not only makes the body feel bad both mentally and physically, the result is extremely slow weight loss. Unfortunately, the body has no way of knowing that an individual is choosing to lose unwanted weight. It simply recognizes that less energy (food) is being put into the body, and more often than not, more energy  is being exerted via exercise due to the diet plan.

The body's reaction is to conserve energy as the situation signals that the body may be in a spot of trouble, or going through difficult times. Food sources may be sparse or unavailable. It's the body's method of preserving life and is often confused with the rather famous Weight Loss Plateau.

Getting your mind off the weight loss process can assist greatly in achieving weight loss success. Whether it's a  hobby, an activity or an event, the less we think about losing weight, the smoother the weight loss process.

#10. What things would you change in your previous diet plans to make losing weight easier and more doable?

Ferret-out what worked for you in achieving weight loss, or what didn't work, and what led to diet failure. Incorporate what you garnered into your next weight loss plan and make it work positively for YOU!  continue

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