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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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We could make a list as long as the Milky Way - no, not the famous and rather delicious candy bar, rather the real one up in the sky; however, the simple truth of the matter is that all unrefined, natural foods tend to be very low in caloric values - and generally dietary fat as well.

However, just in the event you are searching for a list let's name some of the low calorie choices from each of the food groups contained within the American Food Pyramid - yes, the pointy-roof one.

Healthy Foods in Dairy Food Group

Low calorie selections are rooted in choices that are reduced fat versions. Brands vary in nutritional values; for example some skim milk brands contains 80 calories while others may contain slightly over 100.

Keeping this in mind, if you're in the mood for cheese - look at the reduced fat string for about 50 calories; slices are also available for about 50 calories each. Looking for skinny yogurt? Try the 60 calorie versions prepared with sugar substitute. Not in the mood for sugar substitute? Then opt for the reduced sugar varieties for about 100 calories each.

Healthy Foods in Protein Food Group

Boiled eggs are an excellent low calorie protein choice as is jerky. Both selections contain about 80 calories per serving. A roasted chicken drumstick is about 75 calories with three ounces of breast meat at about 140.

Healthy Foods in Fruit Food Group

We've hit the goldmine where low calories are hidden so let's dig-up common favorites. Strawberries are the lowest calorie berry at about 45 per cup in their whole form. Most melons - watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe contain about 50 calories per cup. Here are a few more favorites:

Kumquat - 13
Prickly Pear - 42
Plums - 30
Prune - 23
Lemon - 17

Apricot - 17
Pineapple Ring - 65
Fig - 21
Litchis - 6
Melon - 50 per cup
Grapefruit Half - 38
Lime - 20
Starfruit - 22
Tangerine - 40
Guava - 37

Higher calorie fruit selections include mangoes, bananas, apples and pears.

Healthy Foods in Vegetable Food Group

This is another group where it's almost impossible to find high caloric food selections. Our short list of vegetables lowest in calories:

chives, 1 Tablespoon - 1
broccoli - 1/2 cup - 22
romaine lettuce, 1 cup - 9
mustard greens, 1/2 cup - 15
spinach - 1 cup - 21

cauliflower, 3 florets - 13
cabbage, 1 cup - 16
carrot - 31
beets, 1/2 cup - 26
brussel sprout, 1 cup - 30

turnip greens, 1/2 cup - 15
pumpkin - 1/2 cup - 41
butterhead lettuce, 1 cup - 5
eggplant, 1/2 cup - 13
green beans, 1 cup - 34

Vegetables which are highest in caloric values include sweet potatoes, white, gold and red potatoes, and corn.

Healthy Foods in Grain Food Group

Many of the foods in the group provide energy to the body. Many food selections vary greatly in caloric content. Those that are lowest include the whole wheat cracker at 10 calories, rice and popcorn cakes at about 50, most regular slices of bread for 60 to 80, commercially prepared frozen waffles and pancakes for about 100 each, 1/2 cup of wild, brown and white rice for about 100, hot air popcorn for about 30 per cup and commercially prepared cold cereals from 50 calories up.

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