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1900 Calorie Diet & Meal Plan Menu for Weight Loss

Written by Diet Bites

Free 1900 Calorie Diet

This diet plan is quite nice in caloric content and should suit male dieters who do not have an active job - such as construction work.

It is 100 calories below the standard 2,000 diet which is the cornerstone set for nutrition labels.

Because the calories are generous, it's very easy to fit in all the required food groups for optimum nutrition.

The 1,900 calorie dieter will need the following servings from the food groups: two cups of fruits including citrus, two and a half cups of vegetables with the focus on leafy green, orange and yellow, six ounces of grains, five and half ounces of protein, three cups of dairy, about five teaspoons of oil - and there is about 250 calories that can be used as the individual sees fit.

Example: two cups of mixed fruit selections, 1.5 cups of mixed vegetables and one cup of steamed broccoli, six tortillas, three ounces of baked chicken and about 2.5 ounces of lean pork, two cups of skim milk and one ounce of cheese.

Diet Breakfast Menu

Bagel, Cream Cheese & Fresh Fruit
1 bagel (200 calories)
1 serving of low fat cream cheese (50 calories)
Assortment of fresh fruit: 1 kiwi, 1 plum, 1/2 small apple*, sliced (130 calories)
1 cup of skim milk (90 calories)

Opting for a whole grain bagel will increase the nutritional values. Warm your bagel with your preferred cooking choice (toaster, toaster oven, microwave to warm), then spread with the cream cheese. Enjoy with fruit and skim milk.

*The other half of the apple will be enjoyed for the morning snack with peanut butter.

Morning Snack

Peanut Butter & Apple

1 teaspoon of peanut butter (85 calories)
1/2 apple left over from lunch

Spread on the peanut butter and enjoy.

Diet Lunch Menu

Tomato Soup, Crackers, Grilled Cheese Sandwich

1 cup of your preferred brand of tomato soup (90 calories)
12 whole grain crackers (120 calories)2 slices of whole grain bread (140 calories)
1 slice of your favorite cheese (80 calories)
margarine (60 calories worth)
1 serving of cottage cheese OR enjoy a low fat serving of yogurt (110 calories)
zero calorie beverage, tea or water
Heat soup. Spread margarine on bread and toast, placing cheese in center of breads. Enjoy with cottage cheese.

Afternoon Snack

One cup of reduced fat cottage cheese.

Diet Dinner Menu

Rice & Bean Wraps

2 flour tortilla shells, warmed (160 calories)
1/2 cup of black beans or pinto beans (110 calories)
1/4 cup of cooked rice (50 calories)
1/2 cup of jarred cheese sauce found in the chip section (80 calories)
Light Sour Cream (60 calories worth)
Salsa, chopped pickled peppers, chopped onion (optional)
2 cups of any variety of chopped lettuce (about 10 calories)
1 plum tomato, chopped (11 calories)
zero calorie beverage, tea or water

Simply fill tortilla shells with the listed ingredients and enjoy.

Nutritional Data - 1900 Calorie Diet & Meal Plan

Nutritional Summary: 4 Servings from the Fruit Group, 8 Servings from the Grain Group, 4 Servings from the Vegetable Group, 7 Servings from the Dairy Group and 3 Servings from the Meat & Bean Group.

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