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Fast Food Suggestions
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Fast Food & Your Diet Plan

Diet Bites contains hundreds of links leading to healthy fast food suggestions that will fit nicely into your weight loss plan. Here is a great place to start.

We must face facts. In this day and age, fast food dining as well as restaurant dining are part of our lifestyle; statistics indicate that almost half of all Americans are dining out at some point amid their day.

Learning which foods make the healthiest choices based on calorie and fat content, we can better manage our weight and ensure that once the weight is lost, it will never return.

It also helps that fast food restaurants are better meeting the healthier needs of their customers, such as KFC's premier of their tasty grilled chicken, which by the way is absolutely delicious and comes with zero guilt factor.

However, the fast food industry isn't without several pitfalls where fat calories are concerned.

And you can't always rely on certain keywords in the diet - such as 'salad' to be low in caloric content. For example, many Mexican restaurants serve a taco salad which contain upwards to 1,000 calories.

Add a sugary soda - and the diner has consumed more calories than most dieters do on a restricted calorie weight loss plan.

Special sauces generally come with special calories and fat grams, as do spreads.

And everything is so...fried these days. While fried fries are absolutely delicious, just ten contain over 100 calories and heaven knows how many sodium mgs.

Which brings us to yet another health concerned; our daily diets contain too much salt which can create issues for the heart; it can make some individuals bloat, swell and harbor water retention issues. No fun at all.

Some of the more healthful fast food eateries in our nation include Subway Restaurant and Chick Fil A with restaurants such as McDonald's and Wendy's offering lower calorie menu selections for their customers.

When dining out, think small rather than super-size.

Sure, it only costs a bit more - but the increase in caloric values is too significant to fit into most weight loss plans.

Where we-Americans are concerned, it's very difficult for the hard-working ones to pass up a good deal - therein the temptation.

For just a few cents more, we can get a large everything. What we don't eat can go to our pet - or we can enjoy it later.

But more often than not, it ends up in our stomach then finally on our hips and thighs.

One of the wisest things you can do when dining out - whether fast food or fine dining is to ask your server for a nutrition fact sheet - or a guide and order the lower calorie selections.

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