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Smart Exercises for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Bites has a Favorite Smart Exercise.

It's always at the top of our list of healthy, doable exercises, because if an activity or exercise isn't doable over the long-run, then it's just not going to last.

We've all seen it....the individual who must take up golfing or else.

They purchase all the expensive gear, only for the spouse to eventually point out that she or he spotted fungus growing on them when they were cleaning the house.

Or, the individual who is intent on becoming healthy and decides to get into heavy exercise equipment.

They'll strain and strut in putting that magic exercise machine or weight machine together, but in time, it ends up being an eyesore in the corner of the room, or a convenient clothes hanger.

All that money wasted; all that time....wasted. Either the individual became bored with their new toy, or the exercise plan they had in place was too grueling.

For activity to remain life-long, the activity must not only be interesting and fun. It must also be doable.

While walking five miles to lose weight might appear to be an effective mode at the beginning of a weight loss plan, it may soon become more grief than good.

If the dieter would have set their daily exercise as walking for 10-15 minutes, the risks increase for the exercise routine to remain in place. It's much easier fitting a short space of time into one's daily schedule than having to fit an hour or two.

So what is Diet Bites Favorite Smart Exercise? Walking. It's an exercise that almost everyone can do.

And when one starts out walking five minutes and builds up to ten, fifteen, twenty or even thirty minute walks, sore muscles aren't an issue.

But many of we-humans have become too comfortable with....being comfortable and we avoid exercise and activity at all costs to the human body. While ten to fifteen minutes is better than nothing, it takes a lot of work to be considered highly active.

What is Considered Active?

If the individual walks less than 5,000 steps per day - and that takes about thirty minutes to an hour for most to perform, they are considered inactive.

They must walk to 7,500 steps to be considered as having low activity and that number must bump-up to 10,000 steps for the individual to be considered as 'some what active'.

If they walk 12,500 steps per day, then they are considered active, and possibly have worn joints - but that is the official recommendation for fitness. And oh - to be considered highly active, they must exceed 12,500 steps, so go ahead and take one more step and it's a done deal at 12,501.

Sadder yet, this data is based on a female who is a shorty at five feet even and who must walk 2,050 steps to mark one mile. Simply put, this petite female must walk about six miles per day in order to be considered highly active by modern standards.

Because these numbers are very difficult to attain in the modern day world, many individuals simply toss up their hands and say, 'what's the use?'. However, remember that ten minute walk we discussed above? It's a great place to start and even that small amount will achieve a higher level of health along with some nifty health benefits such as a stronger heart, more muscle mass and the ability to breathe and think easier.

So with all this healthy talk surrounding exercise, what are we going to do with all those lost pounds? Jump for Diet Joy along with a little Diet Victory Dance, of course - which will burn a few more calories.

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