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Recommended Highest Weight Chart for Women

Written by Diet Bites

Highest Healthy Weight for Women Based on Height, Body Frame

What is the highest amount that a female can weight based on current height and body frame size - while remaining at recommended weight?

We have the data posted below but we'd like to add a few notes.

If you have a well-gifted chest or booty, these ample attributes will add pounds to the bathroom scales, so this is just another reason that charts make great patterns and examples for setting goals, but they don't always suit real life.

Other examples that may add more pounds to the body frame are muscles; if you have more muscle mass, then it is going to weigh heavier than 'fat' - so you'll need to take that into consideration when looking at any data chart depicting recommended and healthy weight.

Let's use an example; Joan is well endowed in both the breast and booty area. She has a large frame size and is six feet tall. In addition, she enjoys lifting weights for thirty minutes every day.

She currently weighs 195 pounds; while she exceeds the largest acceptable number for healthy weight on the chart below- she is not overweight. Her breasts add about five pounds to the bathroom scales and the booty area adds another three; the rest is due to her muscle mass.

Highest Recommended Weight Per Height & Body Frame Size

Height In Feet & Inches

Small Frame

Medium Frame

Large Frame

4'10" 112 122 132
4'11" 114 124 135
5'0" 116 127 138
5'1" 119 130 141
5'2" 122 133 144
5'3" 125 136 148
5'4" 128 139 152
5'5" 131 142 156
5'6" 134 145 160
5'7" 137 148 164
5'8" 140 151 168
5'9" 143 154 171
5'10" 146 157 174
5'11" 149 160 177
6'0" 152 163 180

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