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1000 Calorie Diet & Meal Plan Menu

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A daily diet consisting of 1000 calories or less should never be attempted unless the dieter is under the supervision of a qualified doctor or nutritionist as it can prove harmful to the body and at times, even fatal.

The diet is so restricted in energy values that it is too challenging for the normal individual to ensure that all of their vitamin and mineral requirements are being met. While multi vitamins can supply some needs, even these cannot meet all of the body's needs.

If Dieter Beauford were to go on this diet plan and pair such with a multi-vitamin, his risks of becoming very ill are elevated in comparison to the individual who goes on a smart weight loss plan based on the official American Food Pyramid.

Plans of this nature generally are condoned by qualified doctors and nutritionists for the seriously obese individual - at times, requiring the individual to enter a medical facility so that they can be monitored, as well as supplied with vital minerals and nutrients via intravenously.

The following is an example of a 1,000 calorie diet plan; water and zero calorie liquids are consumed freely. The caloric values of this plan require one cup from the fruit, one cup from the vegetable group, three ounces of grains, two ounces of protein, two cups of dairy and three teaspoons of oil; discretionary calories based on the food pyramid equal about 165.

Diet Breakfast Menu

1 serving of whole grain cold or warm cereal not to exceed 110 calories
1 cup of reduced fat milk
1 fruit selection

Morning Snack, Fruit or Dairy Selection not to exceed 70 Calories

Diet Lunch Menu

One cup of steamed white rice
2 ounces of pan-roasted or grilled white chicken breast
1/2 cup of beets
1 cup of leafy green vegetables plus sliced tomato drizzled with balsamic vinegar

Afternoon Snack, Grain Selection such as a rice cake or a tortilla for not more than 70 calories.

Diet Dinner Menu

Two corn tortillas filled with 1/4 cup each of spicy beans.

In Summary: See how little food that the dieter can consume for this paltry amount of calories? We managed to get in all of the vital food groups within the menus are so minimal in energy that the individual will experience true hunger pains.

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