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Health Benefits of The Vegetable Group

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Oh those healthy benefits of vegetables!

What a delicious method of obtaining a healthy chunk of nutrients while shooting chronic diseases to smithereens!

Yes indeed, they hold great power and may indeed prevent many chronic diseases.

Health Benefits of Vegetables

- They provide essential nutrients for good health and there are so many delicious varieties to choose from.

- Vegetables in the daily diet can reduce risk for type 2 diabetes;

- When consumed daily they can protect against certain cancers, such as mouth, stomach, and colon-rectum cancer;

- They can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease;

- They are rich in potassium may reduce the risk of developing kidney stones, help in maintaining healthy blood pressure, and decrease bone loss;

- The dietary fiber contained in vegetables helps ensure a healthy digestive system, assisting in proper bowel function, reducing risk for constipation and diverticulosis;

- They can leave an individual feeling fuller for longer periods of time due to fiber content which in turn, can assist with weight loss and healthy weight management.

Vital Vitamins for the Body

- Vegetables rich in Vitamin E helps protect vitamin A and essential fatty acids from cell oxidation;

- Those specimens rich in Vitamin D aids in iron absorption and have powerful immunity powers as well as ensure health for teeth and gums while reducing risk for stroke and cardiovascular diseases;

- And those that are rich in Vitamin A content can assist in maintaining healthy eyes and skin while protecting against infections.


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