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Natural Diet Plan - Day 1 Menu

Written by Diet Bites

Weight Loss Menu Examples for Day 1 of the Natural Diet Plan

The following free weight loss menus are part the Diet Bites' Natural Diet Plan. Be sure to incorporate healthy snacks into your day - 2 to 3. For calorie count click here for fruit calories and here for vegetable calories.

Feel free to opt for your favorite snack choices such as yogurt, rice cakes, jerky, gelatin, celery + peanut butter + raisins, and pretzels. Although most of  these foods are considered as processed foods, they are very basic, close to nature and contain minimal fat and calories.

For beverages, drink milk (skim or low fat is best for weight loss), unsweetened tea and if you can't live without soda then opt for the sugarless varieties.

Add sugar substitutes to unsweetened beverages if you must as sugar contains 800 calories per cup - very pricey where calories and weight gain is concerned. Smoothies are also a great choice close to nature for dieters. Simply add 1 cup of your favorite frozen or fresh fruit into a blender with 1 cup of skim milk and blend.

Try to walk at least 15 to 20 minutes every day to excel weight loss.

As to our Natural Diet Plan Menus, these are examples intended to fuel your own ideals in working towards incorporating healthier, close-to-nature foods into your daily diet for weight loss. Feel free to experiment with spices and extracts in the foods you prepare, as well as amend the diet menus to best suit your personal taste buds. All healthy diet plans include fat which the body uses  - such as for maintaining healthy skin and hair. Fat sources from fish or nuts are best, but if you must have a bit of butter or margarine with your meal, be certain to enjoy only a pat of fat.

Diet Bites Natural Diet Plan for Healthy Weight Loss  - Daily Diet Menu #1

Breakfast - Day 1American Food Pyramid

1 serving of whole oats

1 cup of skim milk

Spoon of sugar

1 cup of juice (100% juice)

1 slice of whole grain toast

1/2 blueberries

Preparation Notes: Prepare the oats, adding milk and a bit of sugar to sweeten. Enjoy the blueberries separately or with the oats.

Lunch OR Dinner Menu - Day 1

1/2 cup Pinto Beans, cooked

2 Whole Grain Tortillas

1/2 cup of cooked Rice (brown or white)

1 piece of fruit

Preparation Notes: Canned beans not only work nicely in this recipe, they are quick!

Heat the beans, adding a bit of spice such as ground cumin, chili powder and fresh or dried cilantro to suit your personal taste.

Remove from heat and transfer to warm tortillas.

Add the rice to both tortillas.

Also add your favorite salsa if desired, as well as low fat sour cream and/or a bit of shredded low fat mozzarella cheese. Natural Diet Plan - Daily Menu 2 - 7 | Part 1: Natural Diet Plan | Part 2, Natural Diet Plan | Part 3 Natural Diet Plan | Part 4 Natural Diet Plan |  Part 5 Natural Diet Plan

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