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Lose Weight Naturally

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Natural Diet Menus

Choose from the natural foods below based on your recommended daily calorie needs. This list is intended as an example to get your started towards a healthier lifestyle which embraces healthier food choices.

Use labels to assist in adding your favorites to this list. The less processing - the better in regards to nutritional values as well as calories and fat content. Also, don't forget about those healthy spices which can add flavor as well as healthy benefits, naturally.

All healthy diet plans include fat which the body uses  - such as for maintaining healthy skin and hair.

Fat sources from fish or nuts are best, but if you must have a bit of butter or margarine with your meal, be certain to enjoy only a pat of fat.

The Natural Diet Plan Breakfast Menu Examples

Don't count out fruits for breakfast which are listed in our snack menu below. Also, be mindful of the sodium content in bakery items, packaged cereals, as well in the tomato juice. Look in the column on this page to the left of your monitor to view a breakfast menu suggestion OR click here for the Natural Diet Plan's 1 Week Menu. Note that the brand and varieties chosen always influence calorie content. Mix and match the foods below, basing choices on your recommended calorie intake.

Food Selection

Serving Size


Food Selection

Serving Size



1/2 cup, dry

150 calories

Milk - 2%

1 cup

120 calories


1 cup

103 calories

Milk - 1%

1 cup

118 calories

All-Bran Wheat Flakes

3/4 cup

92 calories

Milk - Skim

1 cup

80-90 calories

Whole Grain Toast/Bread

1 slice

35-120 calories

Orange Juice

1 cup

112 calories

Brown Rice

1 cup

218 calories

Grape Juice

1 cup

152 calories

Bagel - Cinnamon/Raisin

1 small (3")

156 calories

Grapefruit Juice

1 cup

96 calories

Puffed Wheat

1 cup

44 calories

Prune Juice

1 cup

182 calories

Egg - Boiled

1 large

78 calories

Apple Juice

1 cup

114 calories

English Muffin - Whole Wheat

1 muffin

134 calories

Applesauce (no sugar)

1 cup

50 calories

Pancakes - Buckwheat with Blueberries

Per ounce

96 calories

Pineapple Juice

1 cup

132 calories

Waffles - Whole Grain

1 - 4" round

71 calories

Tomato Juice

1 cup

41 calories

The Natural Diet Plan Lunch & Dinner Menu Examples

Look in the column on this page to the left of your monitor to view a lunch and dinner menu suggestion OR click here for the Natural Diet Plan's 1 Week Menu. Note that the brand and varieties chosen always influence calorie content. Mix and match the foods below, basing choices on your recommended calorie intake.

Food Selection

Serving Size


Food Selection

Serving Size


Chicken Breast (skin & fat removed)

1/2 breast

142 calories

Potato ( baked)

1 small

134 calories

Steak (visible fat removed - Sirloin)

3 ounces

160 calories

Yams (4 ounces)

1 yam

117 calories

Pork Chop (visible fat removed)

1 chop

174 calories


1 large

78 calories

Beans (pinto, navy, black, etc.)

1/2 cup

100+ calories

Acorn Squash (baked)

1 cup

114 calories


1/2 cup

143 calories

Whole Grain Pasta

1 cup

190+ calories

Peanut Butter (whipped 140 calories)

2 T

190 calories

Tortilla, Whole Grain


80+ calories

Walnuts, English

1 walnut

26 calories

Rye Bread

1 slice

80+ calories


1 pecan

20 calories

Whole Grain Bread

1 slice

80+  calories


1 almond

7 calories

Whole Wheat Bread

1 slice

80+  calories

Spinach (raw, baby, cooked)

1 cup

21 calories

Milk - Skim

1 cup

80-90 calories


1 carrot

31 calories

Green Beans

1 cup

34 calories

The Natural Diet Plan Snack Menu Examples

It's hard to beat fresh fruit as a snack! Here are a favorites, but of course don't forget about some simple natural favorites such as hot air popped corn, lean jerky, raw veggies with yogurt as a dip and rice cakes.

Details on The Natural Diet Plan - Notes, Tips & Suggestions for Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance

- It's important to eat all three meals per day, including 2-3 snacks. This will help keep blood sugar levels stabilized as well as keep the metabolism fired to burn calories more efficiently.

Be sure to balance the three main meals of the day (don't eat your entire day's worth of calories at one sitting) OR opt to enjoy small meals throughout the day, breaking up your daily recommended calorie intake. One of the keys to weight loss is to keep the metabolism burning at a steady, effective pace and wisely balancing calorie intake throughout the day can help your body achieve maximum weight loss results.

- Be sure to dink adequate fluids daily (generally 8 cups).

- Use light dressings for salads or balsamic vinegar. For sandwiches, try spreading on a little yellow sunshine.

- Substituting honey for sugar is a healthy move; using sugar substitutes might not be an ideal 'natural' selection, but can assist you in losing and managing weight.

- Get your doctor's approval before starting any weight loss or diet plan.

- NEVER EVER NEVER give up on striving to be a healthy weight. With dedication and determination, anything is possible. Part 1: Natural Diet Plan  | Part 2, Natural Diet Plan | Part 3 Natural Diet Plan | Natural Diet Plan, Day 1 Menus | Natural Diet Plan, Day 2-7 Menus

The Natural Diet Plan for Weight Loss - The 7 Free Diet Menus

Natural Diet Plan - Daily Menu 1  |  Natural Diet Plan - Daily Menu 2 - 7

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