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Natural Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast

Written by Diet Bites

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Exercise for Weight Loss, Toning & Fitness

As to exercise, we recommend that you opt for a doable exercise plan OR activity that compliments your daily schedule and lifestyle.

A popular diet plan that recommends walking about 5 miles per day might assist in getting off the pounds, but we certainly don't know of many individuals outside of our athlete friends who have the time, the space, the patience or endurance to continue clipping out five miles daily for an eternity.

An individual who weighs 150 pounds and who walks brisklyfor 1 hour will only burn 396 calories - which is equal to a small package of cupcakes. That's a lot of walking.

The dieter would have been better off not eating the cupcakes and going for an enjoyable 15-20 minutes walk in the park, walking at a pace which increases the heart rate which accomplish health-wise benefits.

Determining Daily Calorie Needs for Permanent Weight Loss

Determine your daily calorie needs by clicking on the Diet Bites links below. And of course, before beginning any weight loss plan you should get your doctor's approval as your weight gain might be due to hidden health issues such as diabetes or thyroid imbalances.

Weight loss occurs when the body uses more energy than is consumed or expended through activity.

To lose weight, an individual can consume less energy (calories contained in food and beverages), they can exercise more, or they can embrace a combination of both which in turn, excels weight loss.

To determine serving sizes, as well as the amount of foods your should incorporate daily from the Official Food Pyramid, these Diet Bites links can be of assistance: The Pyramid Diet Index  |  What Counts as a Serving of Grain?  |  What Counts as a Serving of Fruit?  |  What Counts as a Serving of Vegetables?

How to Manage Daily Caloric Intake for Fat Loss

Revisiting Important Bullet Points - Determining Daily Calorie Needs

Many individuals who are dieting for weight loss will trim an additional 500 calories from their daily diet from their calorie needs required for their recommended weight in order to lose a pound per week.

This can be very tough, leaving the dieter anxious, hungry and frustrated and more likely than not, leads to a binge which ends the diet.

Instead, we recommend that the individual stick to their calorie needs required for their recommended weight (based on height).

Why deduct those extra 500 calories when one can simply eat their recommended calorie intake while losing all the extra weight - which in turn will promote a higher success rate for keeping the pounds away forever?

Rate of Weight Loss Influenced  by Several Factors: Age, State of Health, Gender....

It's also important to keep in mind that as we age, our bodies require fewer calories - even when activity levels are maintained. Click herefor more information.

So although our calorie needs charts are based on frame size, other issues factor into the Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Equation.

Even so, by adhering to the recommended daily calorie needs based on frame size, one can always adjust their daily diet calorie intake once they reach the weight supported by the calorie recommendation based on frame size.

How to Determine Your Calorie Needs

To determine your daily calorie needs, click on the applicable links below that best describe you:

Male with Large Frame Size  |  Male with Medium Frame Size  |  Male with Small Frame Size

Female with Large Frame Size  |  Female with Medium Frame Size  |  Female with Small Frame Size

To determine your frame size click here. For free, printable tracking sheets at Diet Bites that can help you manage your daily diet, click here.

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